The Best Use Of The Space In The Small Kitchen

If you are someone who likes to cook, you are certainly dreaming of huge and spacious kitchen that we can see in movies or glossy magazines. And you are certainly unhappy with the size of your own kitchen. On the other hand, if you live in a small apartment, your discontent is justified, because in small apartments the kitchen is always sacrificed in favor of the bedroom or lounge.

If you decided to refurbish your small kitchen, and bring some freshness, you can visually make it more spacious. Here are a few tips how to do it with the help of professionals and with modest budget, of course.


All cupboards should be as high as possible, to use the maximum of the space on the walls. Even if you can reach them easy, you can use them as the storage for dishes you don’t use on daily bases (some small kitchen appliances, baking tins, special dining set etc). It will be our recommendation that all cupboard front are in light colors or glass (sanded glass, for example). The storage units on the ground level should have some sort of lightning (small led lamps) because that will give the small kitchen sense of space.



The unit under the sink should also be used – the professional carpenter can fit there a department similar to one you have in the car, which will be an ideal storage for cleaning cloths, sponges, brushes and other bits and pieces. For other units, we recommend you to calculate carefully what kind of storage you need and measure them according your needs. You can have drawers and sliding shelves that are really practical and will take as less space as possible. That space must be easy to reach and handle, because it is ideal for the dishes you use often as well for the storage of food (cereal boxes, tins, jars, pasta…).

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Using the same flooring from the next room will give you the flowing perspective as the result of continuity. If you, for example, have a laminate floor in the next room, you don’t need to use it in the whole kitchen, but it is good to do it at least at one part. Other part can be covered with tiles of matching colors and design. Be careful not to use colors that are dark or too contrasting – that would make your kitchen look too cramp.








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