The Best Position For A TV Set

The Best Position For A TV Set – TV sets are not so small as they used to be. In our homes we have each year bigger and thinner TV screens. If you too plan to have a new TV, stick to simple rules how to choose one that will give you much pleasure in watching your favorite sport game, film or news programs.

Big room, big screen

The first rule is about the size of TV screen. The measure of the screen diagonal should be 1/3 of the distance between TV set and the sofa. For example, 54 cm TV screen is suitable for the room where the distance from the place you sitting to the TV set is 162 cm. 72 cm screen needs a bigger room, and the distance should be 216 cm.


Consoles are practical

Advantages of setting the TV screen high on the wall are visible in small spaces, children’s rooms and small kitchen/dinner/lounge rooms. The moveable console is very practical way to set the TV on the wall. It allows you to watch the TV from any corner of the room.

Careful choice of TV table

People often make a huge mistake by choosing the furniture in the sitting room according to TV set, which becomes a center of the room. You should always go for smaller TV tables, that don’t take a lots of space, but still have a storage space for your DVDs, CDs or VHRs. The style of the TV table should match the style of the rest of the room.

Unusual and modern

In modern interiors TV set is not the central point but it is very well incorporated in cascade shelving. If you still want to put the accent on TV screen, choose shelves in light colors, such as white, ash or beech. This solution is only for thin screens that can be fixed tightly on the wall.

Classical TVs should be at least 10 cm off the wall to prevent overheating. The same rule applies if your TV is in the closed shelves plus it should have 10 cm space all around.

Find your spot and relax

According the Feng Shui rules, TV shouldn’t be in bedrooms at all costs. However, if your husband and son occupying TV set in the sitting room by watching every single game in the football World Cup, you can set up your little TV haven in the bedroom. If the room is big enough, TV screen should not be too small. The small screen may look disproportional and your eyes may be tired too quickly.










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