The Advantages Of Bamboo Floors

Bamboo flooring is a beautiful, environmentally friendly material that will enhance the look and value of your home. More and more often, bamboo flooring is used to replace hardwood flooring. Not only that they are easy to install, but also they are versatile and eco-friendly. There are several advantages to using bamboo flooring.
First, bamboo flooring is an environmentally friendly product. It takes only a few years for a bamboo plant to grow to maturity, while it takes decades for hardwood trees. And when bamboo is harvested, the root continues to live and produces new stock. Each year, one “mother plant” generates several new bamboo stems that grow to full length in a few months, and to mature hardness in about five years. Bamboo plants are therefore quickly replenished following a harvest.

Another great benefit of bamboo is it is as hard as Maple and more stable and harder than Red Oak. It has a higher hardeness rating than most hardwoods and this contributes to bamboo flooring durability.


A few people say the durability of bamboo flooring is bad, The problem with bamboo is that there are so many cheap versions of it out there. There are some brands that are well made out of good hard material and have about 7-8 coats of acrylic aluminum oxide enhanced poly on them. The cheaper stuff is made from much softer bamboo and has maybe two or three coats of a cheap poly on it. A decent bamboo generally runs from $6-$8 a square foot. Check out Bamtex for a decent one.

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bamboo flooring

Third, in most cases bamboo is less expensive than hardwood while installation costs are the same. Hardwood installers and contractors need no additional training to install bamboo flooring. Bamboo can be installed using exactly the same tools and methods as are used for installing hardwood.

Besides these, there are more benefits of bamboo floors.

Bamboo floors are easy to clean. Bamboo floors are ideal for allergy sufferers as they do not promote dust or harbor dust mites.
Bamboo flooring is an inexpensive alternative to hardwood flooring, usually costing 25% to 50% less than hardwood.
Bamboo flooring is long-lasting. The laminate floors sold by BuildDirect come with 10-year and 25-year warranties.
Bamboo flooring can be installed over numerous types of sub-floors such as: wood, sheathing grade plywood, vinyl tile, or Oriented Strand Board.


Bamboo floors are environmentally friendly. They use a quickly renewable crop. Made with safe resins, they have extremely low formaldehyde emissions and make excellent floors for healthy homes.

Something you should know when you are using bamboo floor.

Use dry brooms and slightly damp mops to clean your bamboo flooring. Clean it regularly to keep it free from particles that can scratch the surface. Use only cleaners made specifically for hardwood floors.

Make sure that your subfloor is dry and level. Never begin flooring installation until the base is ready. Make sure you have all of your supplies together before beginning installation.

Order up to 10% more square footage than your measurements indicate. There will be some waste during the installation process so it is better to have a little bit too much than a little bit too little.

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Allow your bamboo flooring to acclimate to the area of installation. Allow the bamboo planks to expand or contract naturally before installation.

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