Terrarium As Your New Home Décor

Terrarium As Your New Home Décor – If you are very much concern with your budget but wants to make a nice home for your family, you can make use of the plants you have in your garden. With a good looking planter, you can use the plants as decoration indoors. You can also buy some affordable glass terrarium and create a small haven of plants on your table top. Terrariums are popular thanks to their fuss-free maintenance, beauty, and minimal space requirements, meaning they’re also good options for those who want to garden but lack the outdoor space. The glass terrarium will be a perfect partner of your succulent plants collection. But, if you have no succulent plants, you can still utilize some small plants in your backyard for your glass terrarium.


Making plant terrariums are a lot easy and fun. All you need to prepare for your very own plant terrarium are some plants, pebbles or clay pellets, and soils or best use coir. You need to collect plants that can stay indoors with less sunlight. There are a lot of plants that have this type of ability that may survive with less water and sunlight. After, collecting all materials needed, you may start making your home made plants terrarium.

First, place the pebbles inside the terrarium because it will ensure better drainage. Then, put inside the soil or coir where you will plant the selected plants you want to display in your living room. The best part is the plant arrangement. In this task, your imagination will be tested on how you will arrange the plants that can catch attention. After planting the plants, the last part will be to water the plants. Use a small watering container so that you will not disturb the plants as you do the process. This easy step will definitely help you make beautiful home decorations at a low price.

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