Tantalising titbits to complement your home

When you’re redesigning your home, the major items are so easy to focus on – your settee, widescreen telly, new fridge and so on. But, while these appliances and furniture are undeniably important, one major element is missing from them –soul.

Indeed, it’s the little things that give a room its soul. Those tiny ornaments lined up on a mantelpiece, or a finely coordinated entrance fill your home with a personality that the gleam of your new fridge never could.

So, what smaller items should you invest in to give your home that true sense of worth?

A mat-tastic entrance

Imagine rocking up to your front door, putting your key inside that tatty frame and watching as it falls off its hinges.

It’s not the warmest welcome, is it?

Spruce the place up with a bit of entrance glam. Replace that forlorn front door for one thing. And invest in a few dirt trapper mats to stop mud trailing disgustingly through your hallway.

Add a few pot plants and you’ll feel more like you’re entering Downton Abbey and less like wandering into a shack in The Wire.

The taste of culture

You might secretly be watching I’m a Celebrity! on the telly, but most people still want it to look like they’ve got a sense of class and culture in their home.

Invest in a natty bookshelf and populate it with some of the classics of literature – the Homeric epics and Shakespearean tragedies of this world are sure to build your cultural cache. Add a few interesting ornaments and you’ll look more cultured than a beard-stroking intellectual making postulations and playing chess.

Back in the days of VHS it was fashionable to house all your videos in book covers instead of ordinary cases. Give this trend a revival with your DVD and Blu-ray collection and you’ll have the nourishing taste of high-culture – even if you’re secretly enjoying Steven Segal marathons every night.

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Love a lamp

Does your home resemble a permanently dank dungeon? Then you need a few extra lamps.

Reading lamps, table lamps, side lamps – they can all be dotted around to boost the light in your home. But to what end?


Well, with extra light comes extra happiness. As shown by various studies, mood levels rise when people are presented with high levels of light, creating a buoyant sense of feeling. So find lamps that match the rest of your décor and you’ll be feeling lighter, in more ways than one.

Sow the seeds of joy

As the winter weather rages on, plants act as the perfect solution to your seasonal woes. A couple of houseplants dotted around your home will oxygenate the air, spreading a healthier sensation through each and every room.

Combine all these tiny tips and you’ll be able to lounge back in more than a house – you’ll finally have a home.

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