Creative Window Covering Ideas

Creative Window Covering Ideas – There is no simpler or dramatic way to totally transform the look of a room than to change the window coverings. You can do this by buying new Venetian blinds or window shades but probably the cheapest way is to simply change the curtains.

One the least expensive window coverings is achieved by simply removing the current curtain rod and replacing it with a new one. You can forget about buying rails and all that jazz. The simplest and most modern looking window coverings are simply swaths of fabric that hang from pinch clips.

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How To Match Your Curtains With Upholstery Fabrics?

How To Match Your Curtains With Upholstery Fabrics? When you decide to re-decorate your current home or you are lucky enough to have just moved into a brand new home; you will invariably turn your attention to deciding upon the colors you would like in each room.

Many weekends and evenings will be spent deciding upon a color scheme and you will search for that perfect wallpaper or paint that will compliment each space you have to decorate.

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