Vintage Enamelware In Your Home

Vintage Enamelware In Your Home – Enamelware is a trip down memory lane. White jugs with blue trim and laundry tubs with red trim all bring us back to a simpler time. It’s a part of the farmhouse country look.

Vintage items made of enamelware include ladles, coffeepots, jugs, strainers, jelly moulds, measuring jugs, bread tins, sauce pans, laundry tubs, chamber pots, garbage cans, canisters and trays. There is also a large supply of reproductions of these items available. Look for reproduction laundry tins, canisters and bread tins from major retailers.

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Decorating With Vintage Carpets

Decorating With Vintage Carpets – Anyone looking to add vintage carpets to an interior space will find they can drastically change the entire look of any room by using one or more rugs. Of course, there are many different styles when it comes to vintage carpets.

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Vintage Bathroom Design

Vintage Bathroom Design – Porcelain tile floors, art decor light fixtures, built in linen cupboards and a hot water heated tile bar are some of the items that could typically be seen in a bathroom that has been converted to the vintage motif.

Coloring in the bathroom design are often green or pink as these are the colors that were used in the vintage era. These are considered to be retro nineteen twenties colors. This gives a strong sense of what bathrooms were like in those days. White wall hung sinks look the part in conjunction with all the other accessories in the bathroom. Add to this selected polished chrome faucets. Plumbing can be left visible or concealed as per the homeowners choice.



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Antique, Vintage And Retro Furniture: What Do The Terms Really Mean?

Antique, Vintage And Retro Furniture – The term ‘antique’ will often be used to describe furniture that is quite old, possibly somewhat broken and with bits missing, stained and/or cracked. But apparently it is antique, so this means that with a bit of restoration the piece will scrub up to become a charming bit of furniture with a rich history – at least that’s what the seller wants you to believe.

Perhaps they will find a buyer who, out of some misguided sentimentality and a moment of weakness, goes ahead and purchases it. The seller is usually ecstatic to be rid of it, and it will probably move from one garage to another.

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Vintage Home Decor

Vintage home decor is a unique way to add some visual appeal to any space and never goes out of style.

Incorporating vintage home decor can add a sense of softness to a room and make it feel more feel warm and inviting at the same time.

There are multiple ways to craft a style all your own using vintage pieces, but with some creativity and a bit of personal style, any room can be give a fresh look.

Read how to incorporate vintage home decor into your living space:


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