Keep Your Bathroom Clean

Cleaning a bathroom is one of the most dreaded household cleaning tasks. Scrubbing bathtubs, toilets and tiles is not exactly a fun-filled and exciting pastime, but it has to be done nonetheless. Bathroom cleaning tasks should not be that much work if they are done right. Follow these steps to clean a bathroom:

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The Philippe Starck Senso Wash

In what is perhaps a bathroom fixture that could be familiar if you were in Japan, Philippe Starck gets into the act with the Senso Wash. The designer offers another potential alternative as far as anteing up the level of personal hygiene devices is concerned with the Senso Wash or what the Japanese call the washlet.

Launched last week, the advanced and innovative toilet seat should be something that could bring personal hygiene to the next level. Prior to this design by Starck, Toto of Japan was the frontrunner in providing such innovative luxury bath fixtures.
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