Flooring Trend 2017: Terracotta Tiles

Flooring Trend 2017: Terracotta Tiles – Terracotta is baked clay. The craft of terracotta involves using clay to prepare reddish brown unglazed earthenware firing it through a very high temperature. The reddish brown color is basically because of the presence of iron. Other colors include yellow, grey and pink. Tiles of this natural material provide a natural look that is unsurpassed in beauty. Moreover, no two tiles are unique. Hence, if you use terracotta tiles, you can be sure of giving a unique look to your house.

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Making An Illusion Of Larger Bathroom Using Tiles Design

Designing a small bathroom sometimes can be difficult job. You need to think carefully about the color scheme or furniture to use. You also need to minimize the use of accessories or other items to avoid clutter. Nevertheless, designing a small bathrooms can be very simple. You only need to focus on one element to make great changes. Tile is one important element you can focus to make your bathroom look more spacious. By adding the right tiles, you can create the illusion of larger bathroom space. Besides, changing the tile designs can be a low-cost solution to improve the look of your bathroom.

There are many tile design ideas you can apply these days. When browsing the Internet, you will find hundreds of tiles designs from which to choose. This can be a time-consuming task especially if you don’t know a particular design to apply. To help you overcome this problem, below are some ideas to help you create the look of larger bathroom:

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Home Decorating With Ceramic Mural Tiles

From its beginnings in 13th century in Morocco, ceramic mural tiles found their place in American design and décor. Although ceramic tile making was a craft known to the Egyptian, Chinese, and Babylonian ancients, the methods of its creation that we employ today stem directly from those early Moroccan artisans of ceramic mural tile.

Although ceramic mural tile goes through phases of popularity, its appeal reached an apex during the Arts & Crafts movement, which endured until the 1920s. Because of the current resurgence of interest in the Arts & Crafts period, ceramic mural tile has once again experienced a surge in status among designers, decorators, and, of course, ceramic mural tile artisans.

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Home Decor: Love Your Walls With Elegant Wall Tiles

Every season we feel there should be something new and refreshing about our home décor. It’s kind of boring to have the same wall colors, textures and furniture in the house over the years. If we go a past beyond, whitewash was the mostly used in home decor as a material to make home walls look attractive and beautiful. After some years, whitewash was replaced with paint to give shinier look to walls and modern home decor.

Contemporarily, the home decor trend has seen a complete shift. At present, home styling is done via installing tiles as they are believed to be more elegant and eye-catching. Today, the markets are flooded with multifarious wall tiles. Use wall tiles to create a lovely fresh appeal for your interiors. If you too are thinking to adorn your walls with elegant wall tiles, then keep following home decor tips in your mind:

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Corporea Collection Of Trendy Tiles

These are some amazingly ornate tactile designs that beg people to touch them! But they are also the kind of tiles that bring considerable interest to any room in which they reside. More than that, these can be used in a format that utilizes a great deal of them or very little.Today’s trendy tiles are as much about feel as they are about looks, and we love a tile that goes a step beyond. The Corporea collection of tiles from Keros is as fanciful in the light as it is in the dark, thanks to its ornate pleasing designs that transform your walls into art.

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Difference Between Bathroom And Kitchen Tiles

In the recent years, tiles have become a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms. Once limited to commercial places, tiles are now widely used starting from ordinary homes to luxury enclaves.

Most of the people simply pick up tiles by making a visit to the nearby store by picking up the most affordable tiles boasting nice designs without giving the purpose behind the purchase a consideration. Most of them even tend to believe that there is no difference between kitchen and bathroom tiles. Well, there are no strict rules that some tiles are specifically meant for kitchen and rest for bathroom. However, there is a critical difference between the tiles that fit for use in a kitchen and ones that are ideal for bathroom. Continue Reading