Home Decorating: Bed Linen For Any Interior Design

Finding the right bed linen for home decorating can be more difficult than it sounds, as you’ll need to ensure the bed sheets and other items you choose for home decorating will be capable of keeping you suitably warm when needed, as well as allowing you to cool off during warmer times of year. You also need to ensure that your decorative bed linen is of suitably high quality that it will not deteriorate through use.

Many people living in temperate countries such as the UK have a range of bed linen suited to different conditions. For hot times of the year, when temperatures and humidity can make falling asleep a challenge, lighter materials are essential to avoid you feeling trapped and sweaty in bed. Even your bed itself could present a problem, with suspension-type beds being ideal for improving the air flow around you, ensuring that hot air is not trapped.

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Rustic Area Rugs

A rustic area rug is the best way to start bringing the lodge style into your living room.

Imagine…the smell of pine trees, the chill in the air, you walk inside your cabin and see a living room of rich earth tones with southwest accents. A leather lounge chair with a southwestern throw, a beautiful wood coffee table, and a rustic area rug pulling it all together. How would like to be able to incorporate some rustic accents, like an area rug into your living room to give that lodge feeling?

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The Bemz/Marimekko Slipcover Collection

Swedish slipcover manufacturer Bemz is collaborating with Finnish fabric designer Marimekko on a series of slipcovers designed specifically for chairs and sofas by Swedish furniture manufacturer IKEA.

The first-ever collaboration between the three companies kicks off with an 11-pattern collection designed by Finnish artist and Marimekko mainstay Maija Isola, along with her daughter Kristina Isola, and designers Anna Danielsson and Iiro Ahokas.

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Luxurious Leather Rugs By Pachamama

Luxurious rugs collection from Italian rug manufacturer Pachamama, it’s a brand new circle leather rugs. Pachamama rugs add warmth and dimension to both contemporary and traditional environments and can be coordinated with different styles given the vast range of designs.

Pachamama using the finest leathers to create these high quality rugs, uniting creative flair and artisan craftsmanship, and combining avant-garde design with the most ethereal magic: this is how birth was given to Pachamama. These rugs collection could give a different interior decorating style of your home.

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Things You Need to Know About How to Buy a Rug

Because floor covering makes such an emphatic statement, updating your rug can update the whole room. Animal prints are an easy way to add a dose of glamour—and because they tend toward a brown-black-and-white palette they go nicely with neutrals. Not sure you want to send an entire room on safari? Place a smaller faux cowhide rug next to your piano or by a bed, for just a nod to the exotic. If you prefer less pattern but still want to make an impact, consider a highly textured rug, such as a monochromatic shag or a flokati, made of fluffy sheep skin. Tibetan rugs are also in vogue, favored for their simple motifs and strong, saturated colors—they go well with mid-century modern and contemporary furniture.

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Pure Comfort Rainwater Bedding Collection By DKNY

Donna Karan struts her stuff in the runway and into your boudoir with the rain water pureDKNY Pure Comfort Bedding Collection. This dreamy soft bedding in soothing colors that’s both fashionable and environmentally friendly.This bedding line has washed a pure, natural material with layers made of 100% organic cotton, and dyed sustainable clothing for an extra-soft touch. A relaxing, spa-inspired palette of aqua and indigo takes you to dream land…

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