Mixing Styles With French Country Antiques

Country French antiques mark as being highly decorative, elaborate and ostentatious. Great emphasis was placed on decoration and display. Historically, true French Provincial antiques blended with the farmhouse styles found within different regions of France. This blending became known as French country style. Certainly, French country style is not a particular period style. Many persons familiar with French antiques have difficulty relating it historically. However, within the design of French country antiques there are elements of the following periods:

– the Medieval Period;

– the Restoration Period,

– Neoclassical Period.

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Interior Trend In 2014 – Flex Rooms

What are flex rooms? Flex rooms are rooms or areas in the house which have a range of uses, or could be changed at some point during the year. It’s usually a place in the house which is used for more than one purpose, for example an entry space that also works as a sitting or dining area.

Flex rooms are the quintessential location in the home that can be used for multiple purposes and people. When dealing with a small living area, flex room is a great example of making the most of small spaces. Flex rooms are designed to give more privacy to larger families and usually include a separate space such as a reading area or study off the main bedroom area.

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Interior Styles: The Nussberg Penthouse In Vienna

Exquisite, playful and with a touch of rustic elegance, the Nussberg Penthouse, with its bohemian setting, seeks to offer a unique living experience, by blending the natural feel with the contemporary comfort. Penthouse Nussberg is an interior project by Beef Architekti in Vienna, Austria. Located on the hillside overlooking Vienna, this former hotel compound was rebuilt in the 90’s as housing.

The Nussberg penthouse, located on a hill, overlooks the wonderful city. The apartment stands out, due to its ‘excess’ of brightness. You can enjoy wonderful moments, watching the sun at dusk or drink a cup of coffee in the morning, on the terrace.

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Modern And Postmodern Decorating Styles

When designing a room or an entire house full of rooms, modern and postmodern are two decorating styles with very different looks and interior design ideas that are very popular today. These are two distinct styles of interior design that can be used to create beautiful and stylish rooms for clients. But which style to use?

The artistic movement of modernism began in late 19th century Europe. At the time, Europe was undergoing industrialization, a process which radically transformed where and how people lived. Life was rapidly moving from small towns and farms to larger cities and smaller living spaces. This lifestyle change gave way to the modernist movement in design.

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How To Combine Styles In Your Rooms?

A well decorated home is one unified whole with rooms that blend and relate to each other like members of a family. The goal of any room arrangement in your house is a simple grouping of furniture pieces that work toward its purpose, dining, sleeping, working, or relaxing. Create easy access through your rooms with 3-ft-wide passages that suggest where you want traffic to flow. Use entry furnishings constant with the rest of your home.

When you are dealing with furniture the whole collection must take priority over individual pieces. It is easy to fall under the enchantment of an antique piece of furniture, but you have to consider how it will fit in with everything else. Plus, you have to ask whether it meets your needs. Everybody loves to buy new things, but before bring in new furniture you must figure out whether to take advantage of what you already have.

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Modern Wood House By John Maniscalco Architecture

This beautiful, modern mountain house designed by John Maniscalco Architecture is called Sugar Bowl residence (situated in the old village at Sugar Bowl, in Norden, California). The cedar-clad house sits on top of a concrete plinth so that the home rises above the winter snow threshold. The warm wooden volume contains the sleeping areas, boot room, and service spaces, with expansive views toward the snow and pine tree-covered landscape.

Abundant wooden elements -floors, ceilings, staircases, tables, chairs – help to create warmth inside the home to contrast the stark cold climate and views of the snowy landscape. All of the color of the house is natural and pure from the color of the wood.

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