Atlanta Townhouse In Antique Style

David Kaplan is the New York city interior designer who have many design portfolio, here’s the one of his project in Atlanta. The Atlanta townhouse living room decorated using modern and antique furnishing compose vibrant yet tranquil blend of charm and glamour style.

A redesign of the Kitchen/Gathering Room provides ample space for food prep, breakfast bar and casual lounging. Counters fabricated in iridescent flecked granite, backsplash in coordinating iridescent glass mosaic tile, floor in linoleum checkerboard pattern.

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Classic Italian Interior Design by Savio Firmino

Do you like classic Italian interior design? If you do, you looking for Italian collection of Savio Firmino its name Florence. This collection feature of classic design with classic decoration. You can see bed design take its design from past elegance with its padded back and its bed side table also in classic style with four legs designed in classic way. In this classic bedroom you can find a fascinating chimney with its class design with a oval mirror on it and two candles. There are two chairs in classic design with an amazing classic table, and also you can find wardrobe in glass in a fantastic classic design. In other classic bed rooms you can find classic chest drawers made from wood.

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Modern Indian Residence By Rishikesh House Design

Rishikesh is a complex Indian residence built in the open. Rishikesh India Building Complex Residence has a beautiful architectural design and charming. Total surface area of 640 square meters. Created by architect Rajiv Saini, interesting architecture is only one line of raised floors meander down the river Gange. Situated on a hillside in northern India, this asymmetric architecture of modern works using elements of cantilevering concrete and floor to ceiling glass walls that invite the outside inside. Dining room, for example, is teak cages and semi-outdoor center page clearly visible through the glass wall. Dynamics captured by the respective volume of the house was inspired by the energy from a nearby river. The focal point of holiday homes is pretending concrete body accentuated by wooden deck, where owners can enjoy the beautiful panorama.

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Small And Cozy…So Swedish Apartment

This beautiful apartment is a more practical design and extremely simple & stylish for a very small interior. 39 m2 apartment is beautiful & smart and designed to include living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Tiny but still has free space that gives a feeling of comfort & nice to look. These apartments are so simple furnished and decorated with furniture that is simple, you will never find any unnecessary parts. Floors and white walls with light gray helps to create a larger display, good color matching is made in this apartment, all in white & wood tone that brings a natural & sensual look is enriched with good natural lighting coming through the large glass window.

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Modern Pitched Roof House

Sloping roof houses, of course, we rarely encountered today because many of them are now more inclined to a modern minimalist home. This is definitely unique Chenchow Little is one of the most innovative team of architects out of Australia at this time. Project is work of Tony Chenchow and Stephanie Little who make Chenchow Little Architects. The three-storey home is constructed out of steel, zing and glass, both interior and facades are a showcase of architecture vs geometry. Housing construction projects are mostly working within the confines of the house needs, and design concepts. But to house the sloping roof, the design is really built around strict building code guidelines for the environment.

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Love Gipsy Style!

Gypsy decorating generally includes bohemian, Moroccan, Indian, hippie, vintage or beatnik influence, or some combination of the above. It creates an eclectic or even eccentric atmosphere, while keeping it rich and warm at the same time. Create your own gypsy hideaway with unique items that are ornate, funky and colorful. To pull it off successfully, you will need a good eye for color, a bit of wild abandon, and a taste for eclectic surroundings.

If you are looking to capture the gypsy vibe for your home, apartment, dorm room, or even the back of a van or camper, here are a few gypsy decor tips and pics to give you some ideas. Let your imagination run wild!

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