Ayazpasa House – Turkish Culture In The Contemporary Design

This apartment is called “Ayazpasa House” and spotted in Istanbul, Turkey. The architecture of the house is mixing an exciting combination of modern details and traditional Turkish elements; the loft has a fresh feel throughout. It’s very beautiful glided ceilings and beautiful moldings that create an elegant image, with a soft vintage touch. The details on the ceiling, marbles, fold-plated accents are the main design of this stunning vintage luxury interior in the house of Istanbul. Marble is a material also found in the washroom, where there are marble touches all over the room, as well as a marble-framed mirror.

The golden ceiling is in the kitchen. This is truly luxurious kitchen with exotic golden touch. Entering the bathroom, you will find some luxurious marbles materials, and these stay in stunning and vintage interior design.

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Native American Interior Design

The people who love to enjoy the Native American interior design can pick nice ideas about it. Native American culture is really very diverse and visually rich, making it an interesting theme to incorporate into your home decor. This interior design usually is defined based on the natural wood, southwest element as well as the Mission style. All of them can reflect the true feeling of the native Indian people from the Navajo design, Pueblos Indian and eastern woodland.

Implementing the look will be fun and challenging. This is an idea that you have to try this Native American interior design at home. The main thing that people have to concern when it comes about the Native American interior design lies on the look of the traditional crafts and arts.

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Cottage Style Decorating Tips

If you want to successfully furnishing a cottage-style room, there are three keys: white paint, slipcovers and creativity. Cottage inspired décor looks like it has been there for years. Cottage style décor also focuses on light and airy interiors. White paint breathes new life into mismatched, old and discolored furniture and creates a unifying theme that lets all sorts of style blend well into a room. Some furniture on the market today, especially children’s furniture, already comes with white paint, distressed edges and a cottage-inspired design, conveying the popularity of this relatively new style. The result of a few coats of paint is an airy, bright and cheerful mood within the home.

Slipcovers perform the same function for upholstered furniture as paint does for wooden furniture. Worn out flea market finds and hand-me-downs will perk up under a pale (white or cream) slipcover that may or may not have prints that match your braided rugs and accents.

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How To Decorate The Kitchen In Rustic Style?

In each rustic kitchen, wood is an essential element. However, this does not mean that the rustic kitchen must be furnished in an antique style, as modern trends provide an opportunity for innovative rustic furnishing – adorned with the spirit of an environmental and rural feel, informal and domestic.

For example, in the white kitchen you can add rustic tone – light blue strips provide all elements of kitchen layout now popular “shabby chic”, and in the rustic kitchen dominates a massive shake table made of wood. The counterweight cabinet makes an excellent and impressive dimensions in the same, shabby chic style.

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Lady Gaga’s Hollywood Home

Lady Gaga is currently the most dominating and powerful pop singers in the music industry. So it is not surprising that Lady Gaga recently moved to a $5.1 million Hollywood home. Lady Gaga’s Hollywood home is a six bedroom house with all the modern facilities including suspend pools.

Although all the Hollywood houses have extremely beautiful, expensive and has a theme from different culture and an amazing interior design, Lady Gaga’s Hollywood home are not different. Pop queen Lady Gaga’s Hollywood home is a mixture of everything luxury items and technology and also the culture from contemporary to Mediterranean.

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Thatched Roof For Unique Appeal Of Your House

Thatching a roof is an age-old tradition. It is hard, demanding work. Today it exists primarily as a restoration activity. Thatching is the craft of building a roof with dry vegetation such as straw, water reed, sedge, rushes and heather, layering the vegetation so as to shed water away from the inner roof.

There are more thatched roofs in the Ireland and United Kingdom than in any other European country. Quality thatching straw can last for more than 45–50 years when applied by a skilled Thatcher.

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