Corner Sofas For Your Home

Corner Sofas For Your Home – There are several corner sofa design ideas you can use to aid you design your home. While there are others who hire an interior designer to beautify their homes, there are also some who simply browse through magazines or look up the internet so that they can get these ideas. Whichever way you prefer, you can make your home beautiful even by yourself. With this, you don’t need to spend a lot of money and at the same time; you can enjoy your new found talent. Continue Reading

Sectional Black Sofas

One of the absolute best ways to decorate your living room, family room or den is with a sectional sofa. They are so popular these days. Their popularity has grown due to the simple fact that they are so easy to build a room around. There are so many different colors, designs and shapes to choose from but one color really stands out and makes a statement like no other. That color is black! Black sectional sofas are classy and elegant. Here are a few things to consider before buying a black sofa.
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The Rolf Benz VERO Comfort Sofa

The only things you should buy for your apartment are the draperies and a new sofa. You can’t imagine how time consuming that is (unless you had to do it, too) with all those models up there, if you’re a picky customer like me. But things may change today, because we’ve just seen the Rolf Benz VERO sofas and at least a couple of them would blend in perfectly with my living-room. These guys have the experience to build long-lasting modern sofas that offer a highly comfortable seating experience and first-class quality. Secondly most important for a sofa, after the design, is how practical it is. Well the new Rolf Benz VERO was designed for everyday use, and that says it all. It’s an 116cm wide and 170cm long sofa, with a luxurious touch.

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Oriental Style Sofas Jalis

Designers Mark Jehs and Jurgen Laub put their heads together and came up with this cool, smart sofa design – the Jalis soft sofas by COR. “Jalis,” taken from Arabic, translates to “relaxed communication,” and a more fitting name there could not be. These Oriental style sofas were made for any interior and any situation, from casual lounging to formal entertaining. Designed to encourage social interaction, this soft sofa can be combined for a variety of layouts suited to any-sized space. The fine fabric provides support and style, and when the light hits it in a certain way you’ll appreciate a pattern of three-dimensional fine embroidery. The deep seats, cushy backrests and copious cushions deliver comfort and a contemporary signature interior style that transforms any room into a social hotspot.

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