Maximizing The Space Of Small Room With Loft Bed

Maximizing The Space Of Small Room With Loft Bed – Living in urban areas provides several luxuries: you can work at your dream firm, study at the best colleges and universities of your choice, enjoy the parties are nights, go to modern shopping centers in the block, and more. Urban living might a best but all these have the drawback: space. That is, if you live in a dormitory or a room where every inch is precious. And when you live in an area where putting a generous size of bed is impossible, eating at a coffee table requires to pass through series of maze, and rolling your sleeping bag every morning, it is time to call for help. Continue Reading

How To Decorate A Small Attic Bedroom

How To Decorate A Small Attic Bedroom – The attic is a perfect place to finish up for an extra bedroom for guests or to use as an office/bedroom combination, but what can you do to make that small space look great? Thankfully there are plenty of decorating techniques that will help give your small attic bedroom a big boost in style.

The color palette is a chief consideration when designing your attic bedroom. If you had always thought that you must keep your small rooms painted white, then here is some good news for you. Continue Reading

Bathroom Space Saving Ideas

Bathroom Space Saving Ideas – Bathroom is one of a special place where each person can have rest, enjoy the silence and coziness of a home and think about pleasant things instead of focusing on negative thoughts and problems of everyday life. If you have the same attitude to your bathroom and dream of getting the most out of its space, then you should know that strategy and design matter a lot, when it comes to preparing a bathroom renovation project. The following bathroom space saving ideas may be of great help to you when you proceed to the creation of your restroom interior.

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Great Design For Small Spaces

Great Design For Small Spaces – Interior designers face various challenges when dealing with a particular space. Among the most common challenges is dealing with a very small space. You have to deal with several issues when you have a small area to work on. This includes storage, comfort, and flow. How do you organize all your items in such a small space? How can you acquire comfortable furniture if the area is limited? Moreover, how can you move around freely?

It is difficult to have a great design if you are dealing with such issues. However, it is not impossible to achieve. There are various ways to work with a small room. You can still put up those metal wall decorations you have.

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How To Make A Small Kitchen Looks Bigger?

How to make a small kitchen looks bigger? If you have a small kitchen, you need a good organization. Only well organized kitchen can be suitable for the whole family to use it in the best way. With some changes the space you have may be increased.

You may think that you already done everything to make your kitchen more spacious and functional. But there are few more details that could make a big difference.

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Dark Colors In Small Spaces

Dark Colors In Small Spaces – When it comes to small spaces people usually say that white is the right color. Today, modern interior designers challenge this theory, which has proved efficient in the past, but a little bit outdated. Deep colors are becoming increasingly popular in houses and offices, despite the fact that some people are still a little bit reluctant in using them. There are dark colors that work in small spaces, because it’s not only about color; it’s also about what complements the color and the scheme of the room: furniture, lights, windows, mirrors and textiles.

Dark colors in small spaces can be sometimes surprising to hear; brown, chocolate brownish, blue, scarlet and purple are just a few of the colors used today in small living spaces.

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