Rustic Cottage Style – Log Cabins

Rustic Cottage Style – Log Cabins – If romantic decor is primarily a preference for the woman of the house, then rustic is definitely the masculine interpretation. Simply say, “log cabin,” and a skeptical man will be right on board with this version of cottage decorating.

One of the reasons that rustic cottage is so popular with men (and women too!) is its link to the great outdoors. Log cabins have long been a symbol of pioneering, learning to live with the land as well as off the land. It may be rough and unfinished, but rustic cottage has about it a strong sense of classic, time-honored style. Continue Reading

Rustic Style Furniture In Contemporary Homes

Rustic Style Furniture In Contemporary Homes – Many people who love the outdoors are choosing natural-looking furnishings in their contemporary homes. Coffee tables that are made from a crosscut of a tree trunk, four-poster beds that are constructed of real wood branches and reclaimed wood from barns are high on the list of furnishings that are not only beautiful but also reflect a love of nature.

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Rustic Touch In Your Interior Design

Rustic Touch In Your Interior Design – Each person has their own taste, unique to how they see the world and like to organize their environment. In most families, between the compromises of the parents, the home interior and exterior will be organized to reflect the combined unique personality of the family unit. If your family isn’t into some of the current trends that call for shiny surfaces, glass and metal in every furnishing, or frilly pink accent pillows on every surface, you might be more interested in a design that tends towards the rustic and natural. Rustic designs reflect simplicity and materials that are reminiscent of the outdoors. Wood, stone, and natural light are some of the main components. If you enjoy reclaimed wood furniture, simple linens, and objects made from recycled materials like an interior barn door, then these design tips will help you realize your ideal rustic home.

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A Camp Style Home Decorating Ideas

Adding a touch of camp style into the home when thinking about decorating brings a comfortable, easy going feel to the home. There are many ways to achieve this look, from camp style furniture and accessories, to simpler options like paint and rustic bedding collections. Taking a little time to understand various options will help one achieve the look desired.

A camp style decorating theme uses a color palette that takes its hue from nature and rustic cabins. The colors of the fall season – brown, green, orange, red – as well as muted grays and blue are often used. If decorating a whole room, wall, trim and door color can be painted and coordinated with furniture fabrics. To achieve a hint of the cozy cabin look, color use can be more subtle, used in bedding, throw pillows and blankets. Most paint stores will provide pre-matched color palettes so coordination of colors is simple.

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How To Decorate The Kitchen In Rustic Style?

In each rustic kitchen, wood is an essential element. However, this does not mean that the rustic kitchen must be furnished in an antique style, as modern trends provide an opportunity for innovative rustic furnishing – adorned with the spirit of an environmental and rural feel, informal and domestic.

For example, in the white kitchen you can add rustic tone – light blue strips provide all elements of kitchen layout now popular “shabby chic”, and in the rustic kitchen dominates a massive shake table made of wood. The counterweight cabinet makes an excellent and impressive dimensions in the same, shabby chic style.

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Home Decor Products For Rustic Style

Rustic Decorating takes on many forms including Country, Primitive, Cottage and Western styles. At Rustic Decorating we offer a unique cross-section of each of these, and then some. Many items are custom made to provide a personal touch that will be cherished for years to come. Rustic line includes: Rustic Wood Signs, Grapevine Trees, Rustic Furniture, House Plaques, Weathervanes, Antler Lighting, Barn Stars, Wildlife Decor, and much more. So, pull up a seat and browse awhile. You’ll be glad you did.

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