Felt Ball Rugs

Felt Ball Rugs – These multi-colored, eco-friendly rugs are handmade in small workshops in Nepal. Every single merino soft wool ball is felted by hand and afterwards put on a string like pearls. In total, each felt ball rug consists of around 3,000 to 4,000 felt balls!

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Choosing The Natural Fiber Rug

Choosing The Natural Fiber Rug – Choosing the right rug is crucial in your home decorating success. However, picking the appropriate floor covering material can also be a daunting task. Below are some tips which we’ve put together to make your natural fiber rug shopping experience both fun and challenging.

Choose a shade or color. Whether you’re working on an empty room or already have furniture, it is essential that you pick the right shade that would be consistent with your room’s motif. Taking a photo of your room is advisable to help you visualize how your rug would blend with other elements in your room.

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Alpaca Rugs, Pillows And Bedspreads

Alpaca Rugs, Pillows And Bedspreads – While hunting for decorating ideas, you may have heard about alpaca rugs and other home decor items made from alpaca, but still be unsure of what they are, or how they can be used. In this article, we’ll explain alpaca, and discuss the wonderful qualities and value it represents for people decorating their home, lodge or executive suite.

First of all, and to clear up any confusion, the word “alpaca” is used to refer not only to the animal, but also its wool, and its pelt. The wool is used to make clothing, while the pelts are used for a variety of quality home décor items such as rugs, throws, and wall hangings.

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Moroccan Rugs: Way To Revive The Living Space

Moroccan Rugs: Way To Revive The Living Space – Adding a touch of ethnicity to your home’s interiors by using furniture, furnishings, and rugs is a sure way to brighten the atmosphere! Over the past few years, decorating homes in ethnic styles has become extremely popular. Sensing the demand for original tribal art from various places around the world, even big stores have been known to launch complete furnishing lines that reflect a particular culture or region such as Indian or Japanese home furnishing lines.

One of the most popular emerging styles is Moroccan, especially in the rugs and carpet industry. Hand-woven Moroccan rugs are a fantastic way to invite warmth and create a bright and charming atmosphere in your home.

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Braided Rugs Give Your Home A Stylish Look

Braided rugs are not just beautiful but also a great flooring option. They are versatile. They go well with any kind of floor. You may decorate floors of your apartment with these unique rugs this season. Winter is a time when weather is chilly. You will need a carpet that can keep the floor and home warm. You will also require a rug that adds beauty to your rooms. These rugs are an ideal option for your home.

This carpet has lots of advantages. It has a thick pile. It is perfect for high traffic areas. You can choose this rug for special occasions too. Winter season will be a good time when you can use it as floor cover.

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Home Decorating With Area Rugs

Home Decorating With Area Rugs – When you decorate or redecorate your living space, you have a variety of options that can enhance the style or theme of each individual room – different pieces of furniture, window treatments, artwork or other wall décor and of course, area rugs.

The size is the first thing to consider. Before anything, you should measure the area where you would like to place the rug so you’ll have an idea of what size you’ll need. If you are putting it under a dining room table, for example, you’ll want to ensure that the rug is large enough for the chairs to be pulled away from the table without going over the edge.

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