Green Color In Home Decorating

The reason that green is a great color for interior decorating is because it’s like a neutral color. It is the color of nature, grass, trees… Green is a restful color, often associated with wealth. Green color is thought of as traditional – the green and red of Christmas ornaments and decorations.

Using the color green in interior design is a bit of a challenge – green is one color that can really go wrong on walls and fabrics. This is because the natural greens we have around us are never just one color. Even a small blade of grass contains several hues of green. So if you can see trees and lawns from the window, a solid green wall color might look a bit fake by comparison.

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Beautiful Look of Roman Shades

Roman shades have the beautiful look and feel of draperies, but with the practicality of a modern cellular blind. Roman shades are a type of window covering designed to help block out the sun and shade a room. Roman shades are different from other types of window coverings, such as conventional venetian blinds, in that they stack up in evenly sized panels when the shade is lifted. When the shade is lowered, however, they create a relatively smooth appearance.

Typically, roman shades are raised and lowered with a cord system. The cord can be pulled until the roman shades reach the desired height, allowing portions of the window to be exposed while blocking out other areas. In this case, the top portion of the roman shades is stacked, while the bottom portion remains extended in the same way it would be if the shade were completely closed.

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ALESSI: More is Less / More is More

The Alessi company has written the history of design and continues to actively participate in the landscape of contemporary design.

Giovanni Alessi was a skilled metalworker. In 1921 he bought a piece of land in Omegna and begun to produce household items and tableware from copper, brass and alpacca, and subsequently he start to use nickel, chrome or silver-plated. Giovanni had a real obsession that the product is good in quality and properly prepared: its products have quickly become known for meticulous and perfect finishing.
First Alessi products have been inspired by the canons set by Austrian and British factories.

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The Best Accessories for Your Kitchen

Make your kitchen space more beautiful! Modern kitchen appliances offer a wide variety of sleek designs, sizes, and finishes to blend in with your kitchen decor.  There are styles and colors to suit every kitchen and a wonderful variety of appliances to cook everything!

A sink that holds everything…a garlic press that multitasks…countertops crafted from the most beautiful woods in the world, and much, much more!

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