The Furniture Adjusted To Your Pets

The furniture adjusted to your pets – If you belong among people who like to make their pets happy every day, you should read this. Read here how to use few tricks to make your apartment or house an ideal home for your pet . Here are 5 clever ideas which make your pet to adore you.

Pet style sofa

Designers and furniture makers create nowadays products that will suit much better not only people, but also their beloved pets. Korean designer Seungji Mun creates fantastic sofas with integrated tunnels that your pet can use for play and hide, while you resting.

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Home Accessible To Your Pet

Pets have become more than just guard dogs or mouse chasers to most of society, they have become friends and companions. Living with our four legged children brings happiness and some unique challenges when it comes to the way our homes look. It’s no wonder that you can find more and more ways to accommodate, accessorize, and modify your home to be pet friendly.
If you want the basic essentials for interior decorating, there are a few basic rules:

1. Nothing touching the floor should be white, even white leather can become stained and scratched.
2. Use black sparingly, getting light colored fur off of black furnishings and pillows is never fun.
3. Bold or bright colors will show more hair than softer neutrals.
4. Absolutely no velvet anywhere! If your animal sheds, this might as well be a hair magnet.

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