Benefits Of Having A Patio

Whether you call it a patio, a veranda or a porch, the addition of a covered area to the exterior of your home is a great way to add value to your home and improve your lifestyle. In this article you will find just a few of the benefits you can expect by adding a patio to your existing home, or adding one to the plans of a home you intend to build. This information is by necessity brief in nature, so if you need to find out more, don’t hesitate to contact a qualified tradesman for a further consultation.

Extra floor space

Especially with small suburban blocks, floor space in homes can be limited. Adding an extension to your home is not always economical, or even possible, given local council zoning regulations.

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Cover Your Patio With Awning

We all love those outdoor parties, barbecues and get together in our patio. But what if it rains suddenly? There remains hardly any option other than retreating indoors, ruining all the fun. A great solution to this problem lies in putting up a patio awning covering your patio. Patios make a comfortable space for your friends and family. Awnings add to this space by providing a roof converting the patio almost to an outdoor room for everybody to have fun. Patios, apart from providing a comfortable space in the outdoors also add to the beauty of your home. You would never want them to be ruined by rain or some other agent. Awnings thus provide a fantastic way of protecting your patio. So, what exactly are awnings? An awning, also known as an overhang is a secondary cover attached usually to the exterior walls of a building. They are made of a variety of materials such as canvas, cotton, polyester, vinyl etc. stretched over a metallic framework for support.

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Night Garden Design

The impetus of the design lay in the philosophy that due to the hectic lifestyle required to support a grand outdoor space, many of us don’t get the choice to enjoy our garden during the daytime. So, “The 24 Hour Garden“, as it was so aptly named, was built with not only its lit aesthetic in mind, but also the applications it might promise after hours, particularly those of hosting and catering.

It seemed a topic not oft discussed in conventional garden design, so we wanted to suggest how one might go about building your own space whose usefulness is complete, regardless of whether the clock reads lunchtime or late-o-clock.

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Flagstone Patio Designs

Flagstone patio designs have quite a lot of advantages over typical patio designs. Flagstone happens to be much more appealing than most other synthetic or artificial materials which are available for outdoor or backyard patios. It has all natural and uniquely rustic markings, which gets more momentum with the featured drab colors. So,flagstone patios are all about elegance and beauty.

Unique patterns bring a nice classic look into the place. But simultaneously, your patio gets a look and feel of unique identity, as no 2 flagstones on earth will contain similar markings.

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Poolside Chaise Lounge Circle by Lebello

Here are a modern and elegant poolside chaise lounge circle by Lebello. A cool design for your poolside, gives your outdoor area looks nice. Fell the comfortable cushion and shape while relaxing near pool. This cool chaise lounge is cool by LeBello chic but casual – a perfect combination in high demand for outdoor living this season. The Circle Chaise Lounge is named for its distinctive shape – a circular seat and backrest main sporting a concave curvature, offering privacy and noise cancellation as you relax in the sunshine on the extended desktop.

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Make Larger Outlook For Small Patio Space

If you have limited space for small patio landscaping doesn’t mean you cannot have a relaxing or stylish patio. You should determine exactly how much space you have and the exact dimensions, so you can plan step by step on the type of patio materials to use, whether you have enough space to create a unique patio shape, what types of patio furniture to choose, the colors, etc. Bear in mind that the final design will determine what you can include on your patio.

If you have a small patio and you would like to make it look larger, here are some small patio ideas that you can use to visually deceive your eyes, thus, make the patio look and feel much larger than it actually is. Here are several ways to make your small patio appear bigger and some small patio ideas decor tips…

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