Paint Your Room With Metallic Colors

Interior metallic paints are made by combining metallic pigment powders with latex interior paint. You can purchase the pigment powders separately and mix them yourself, but it is much easier to purchase ready-mixed metallic paint that is widely available. Metallic interior paint delivers a rich, sophisticated look not easily achieved with other paint mediums. Metallic paints are available in a complete range of hues from cool to warm.

With metallic paints you get translucency, depth and shimmer. And with the shift away from fluorescent lighting to more use of incandescent and halogen, the metallic surfaces sparkle. It’s “in.” It’s “cool.” It’s “hot.”

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Hall Decorating Ideas

We don’t think about it often on how to arrange the hall. But it is worth looking more closely at the room that meets so many functions in our apartment. When you arrange a hall, we should pay attention to both its functionality and the aesthetics. Unfortunately, usually it is not so simple. Hallways in the apartments are usually small, nieustawne, narrow and dark. Therefore, it is difficult to manage such an interesting space.

Entrance is after all a business card and the promise of what we will see later in the apartment. It is worth to think over the placement of equipment, choice of colors and effective lighting.

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Add colours to a dining room

Yellow dining room

Mustard yellow makes a dramatic backdrop in this dining room. Positioning a trio of oversized drum shades low over the dining table gives off a spotlight effect, while the shades and furniture are kept in a neutral charcoal colour, creating a pleasing contrast.

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