Choosing the Right Desk for Yourself

Your home office is a very important place. Whether you work from home, use the space to pay bills, or it’s your creative cave, it has to be a space that inspires you and makes you feel comfortable. Creating your work station can be a very complicated procedure for this reason. You don’t just need a computer, keyboard, printer, and various other pieces of equipment depending on what the space is used for. You also need a desk to house it all. This isn’t just any piece of furniture. It has to be functional, fit well in the space that you have, and be aesthetically pleasing in order for it to satisfy the requirements to help make your work space an enjoyable one.

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Vintage Office Design: XSolve & Chilid

XSolve is a small, but quickly growing software house company situated in Gliwice, Poland. The guys mailed us with more information about their new headquarters (which they share with marketing agency Chilid): an amazing place meant to make its geeks more productive. Two floors, millwork and industrial components inside an old granary. While they’re still waiting for some design details to be taken care of (small additional “cosmétique things” like glass, stickers, lamps) they say “it’s great even without them”. We certainly love the way “old” (bricks, timber & cement) and “new” (contemporary furniture, lots of colors and plenty of computers) mix to create such a cozy environment. Would you like to work in such a place?

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Inside the Skype office

Popular internet telephony application Skype’s North American Headquarters sought to set themselves apart from their opponent’s in the Bay area in Palo Alto California. When the project was initiated it was discovered that the site had more to contribute than was originally thought with the hidden high ceilings allowing for an industrial style design, thereby increasing the scope for inventiveness.

The site features various types of adaptive spaces for private meeting and break out areas. The relaxed atmosphere belies the industrious way in which the workers can use the space.


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Sticotti office Collections

The work of Argentinean architect Alejandro Sticotti has a modernist foundation: He takes the constructive and rational influences of the Bauhaus and Scandinavian modern, adds American Shaker and 1950s design elements, and merges them with the materials and sensibility of his native culture. His Shelving Units are made from warm, unique South American hardwoods; the vertical and horizontal mounts are crafted of solid lapacho, and the shelves are made with cerejeira veneer. Relying on the steadying forces of gravity, Unit A hangs off the master horizontal bar at the top, creating sturdy vertical shelving. The notched side of each shelf simply slides into the vertical beams, holding it snugly in place. Sticotti Shelving is well-resolved in its versatility: Combine multiple units to create additional storage, move shelves to different levels as needs change or add the Optional Desk Shelf to create a compact workspace solution.

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Mirrored Furniture – mirror covered furniture

Mirror, mirror on the wall, the Porada collection of modern mirrored furniture is the fairest of them all! This trendy mirror covered furniture is on the cutting edge of cool, adding that essential glam factor to any room. The Empire cupboard with mirror frame and doors lets you store your knick-knacks in style. The doors boast a touch-and-latch system, so there’s no unsightly hardware to spoil their sleek look. Complement the clean, contemporary design with the Libra mirrored wall-handing bookcases. Alone or as a set, these striking bookcases hide away your fave reading materials behind their chic mirror doors. And while you’re on a roll, accessorize in style with the Megalux oversized floor mirrors. Featuring a mirrored frame, these large-scale mirrors double your decorating fun. Continue Reading