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Mud Room Features You’ll Love

With the housing market still limping back from the brink, most people are continuing to renovate and improve their existing homes rather than purchase new ones. This means re-purposing old space to suit new needs, and adding on rooms to accommodate growing families. According to a 2012 American Institute of Architects (AIA) Home Design Trends Survey, one room that is increasing in popularity is the so-called “mud room.”

Mud rooms come in many forms, but they usually have a few main features in common with a living room. One, they always connect directly to the outside, and two, they always feature designs that maximize storage space. There’s virtually no limit to what one can do with a mud room, but the best ones are well-planned, well-designed and well-thought out.

If you’re thinking of adding a mud room to your house or turning an existing space into a mud room, here are a few ideas that you and your family will love.

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Ayazpasa House – Turkish Culture In The Contemporary Design

This apartment is called “Ayazpasa House” and spotted in Istanbul, Turkey. The architecture of the house is mixing an exciting combination of modern details and traditional Turkish elements; the loft has a fresh feel throughout. It’s very beautiful glided ceilings and beautiful moldings that create an elegant image, with a soft vintage touch. The details on the ceiling, marbles, fold-plated accents are the main design of this stunning vintage luxury interior in the house of Istanbul. Marble is a material also found in the washroom, where there are marble touches all over the room, as well as a marble-framed mirror.

The golden ceiling is in the kitchen. This is truly luxurious kitchen with exotic golden touch. Entering the bathroom, you will find some luxurious marbles materials, and these stay in stunning and vintage interior design.

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Modern Interior Design: Celio Apartment by Carola Vannini

The Celio Apartment is located close to the Colosseo area in Rome, Italy. Take a look at the wonderful construction designed by Italian architect Carola Vannini. It is notable, that apartment Celio is manifested by the renovation of the old structure with a total redesign and reorganization. Rooms are airy and bright with spacious interiors. Room oozes creativity with State-of-the-art décor of white space suit. The design gives the feel of a natural even in narrow passages that connect the rooms. Celio apartment provides a luxurious floor space square feet which paved 2.489 mostly by grey wooden floor. Wood flooring extends to the balconies provide feel disturbed.

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White Modern Living Room Design Ideas

It’s important for you to have a house that’s tastefully decorated and reflects your inner beauty. And your living room design makes the first impression. A modern living room belongs to the present era. It has contemporary furnishings, that fit the room in the right proportion and provide the room with its own unique style. This sort of living space can be achieved easily. If you want your visitor to think that you have a high style quotient, then choose to make your living room a contemporary style statement.

Well, think of your white living room as a blank canvas that’s just waiting to be injected with personality and style.

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Modern Concepts For Kitchen Design

Kitchen designs have grown to be an experimental laboratory with exploring present day fast altering technology introduced by modernism. Present day kitchen designs are planned and produced in a way it suits an individuals’ idea of modern and efficient living. Modern design concepts for kitchen areas nowadays embody the modernist’s kitchen concepts of functionality, appearance, efficiency and hygiene. These modern kitchen areas ideas mirrors in addition to strongly indicates that there’s practically nothing wrong when one selects to embrace and have confidence in the major energy of contemporary technology coupled with art to be able to effect fantastic yet very functional changes.

Your kitchen is regarded as because the most important part of the home where dishes are ready 3 to 4 or five occasions each day for the way large the household is and just how the household likes to prepare and eat. Generally, family people like to gather in the kitchen area and make some fancy goodies. This is one good reason which should be taken into consideration when you plan to construct a brand new kitchen.

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Alternative Home Designs – Atrium Home

Building a home for yourself is the American Dream. For some people, it is important to build something unique. You’ve worked your rear end off and reached a financial status where you can do some dreaming. One dream is to buy some land and build a home on it. You’ve found the perfect plot, and now you’re wondering about different styles of homes. Here are some alternative designs to get the creative thoughts flowing.

A very unique home design is the atrium home. An atrium home is designed to emphasize an open middle area, not an exterior appearance. If you’ve been to Europe, you’ve seen this design in larger cities. You’ll be walking down a street lined with bland looking windows. You pop into one of the buildings to find a bathroom and it is like entering another world. The exterior of the building is no great shakes, but the interior is a slice of atrium heaven with an open area covered in a lattice or left wide open. The interior is a collection of sitting areas, plants and perhaps small pools for fish. Not a bad idea, eh?

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