Minimalist Home Style

Minimalist Home Style – Many people have an impression of a minimalist home as a mostly white, bland space with very little furniture and a not very welcoming feel. But a truly minimalist home style can also be comfortable and reflect something of the owner’s character with carefully selected statement decorations. Minimalist living is not about removing comfort and personality from a space but about injecting a calm, stress-free atmosphere by removing all clutter and storing the majority of necessary items out of sight. Continue Reading

Outdoor Lighting by Martinelli Luce

Liven up your garden with this funky outdoor lighting by Martinelli Luce. The long, oval form of these Pistillo suspension lamps lends a sculptural feel to the lighting scheme, the illumination an integral part of the overall design. Not for the fainthearted, hidden way within the branches of a tree, but out in the open and proud, statement lighting at its best – bold and art-like. From a practical point of view Pistillo is ideal for outdoor dinner parties and entertaining, its fluorescent lamps bathing the surrounding areas in useful light – not intrusively strong but not so weak as to be ineffective. From an aesthetic point of view – with their black lacquered metal supports and distinctive orange cables – these funky suspension lamps are wonderfully minimalist, industrial in their design, unfussy and unpretentious.

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Inside the Skype office

Popular internet telephony application Skype’s North American Headquarters sought to set themselves apart from their opponent’s in the Bay area in Palo Alto California. When the project was initiated it was discovered that the site had more to contribute than was originally thought with the hidden high ceilings allowing for an industrial style design, thereby increasing the scope for inventiveness.

The site features various types of adaptive spaces for private meeting and break out areas. The relaxed atmosphere belies the industrious way in which the workers can use the space.


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Minimalist Furniture

French furniture company Studio Manzano marries these two philosophies in a beautiful manner with their new Zeta collection of home furniture and we just couldn’t resist featuring these. The concept is simple: hide messy wiring behind crevices within your furniture so that there is no compromise in aesthetics when you plug in those electronic monsters.

It is so simple that it makes us wonder why we don’t see more of this from some big design houses.

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