Bring The Art In Your Kitchen Design

Bring The Art In Your Kitchen Design – Kitchen design has changed over the last decade or so, and there’s far more stock placed on how we work. The idea of assessing how humans work in certain spaces is being used to create ideal kitchens. The kitchen is the very definition of the active working space.

It’s important to think of the kitchen as a zone and what is central to that is the island. People don’t eat or operate the way they used to, the island offers an area to sit or stand as we lunch and it provides a more casual atmosphere. That is far more relevant to the world today than the formal atmosphere of a dining room, but still keeping families eating together.

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Big Kitchen Trends In 2016

Big Kitchen Trends In 2016 – Brass and copper are favored as of late as opposed to chrome and stainless finishes. A wonderful reason to incorporate a classic, copper hood over the range among other elements. These warm metal tones are welcoming and beautiful. In addition, tones close to iron are making a comeback. Expect to see these tones not only in accents, but also large appliances as well.

Natural materials for eco-friendly kitchen

Not only are natural and neutral colors perfect for the kitchen, but they are awesome all over the home. Wood in natural beams and decorative elements as well as brick in fireplaces and walls are rustic and natural, and look phenomenal.


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The Hottest Kitchen Trends 2016

The Hottest Kitchen Trends 2016 – Transform your loving kitchen into a culinary castle with these the hottest kitchen designs and trends you need to consider for 2016.

Porcelain countertops

Although quartz and other materials are generally preferable for the perfect kitchen countertop, porcelain is starting to become very much in the new in-trend surface. Offering all the properties that quartz does – stain, heat and flame resistant, it also offers more protection against hotter temperatures and can be custom-made as thin or thick as your kitchen designs allow.

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