Kitchen TEAM7 Made Of Wood

Kitchen TEAM7 made of wood – If you like a simple esthetic, timeless style and cooking, you are on the good way to fall in love with beautiful TEAM7 kitchen made of wood. Covered in wood, each aspect of this kitchen is carefully designed with the aim to get healthy environment that serves perfectly to your needs.

This bespoke kitchen is designed by Sebastian Desch and, in its heart, represents the love for wood. Called “modern country kitchen”, it brings up the best from both, modern and country, with a combination of natural materials and modern design. Beside sustainable materials and excellent design, the kitchen is very functional thanks to lots of storage space and kitchen island.

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Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets

Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets – Bamboo kitchen cabinets have been a priority for most of the customers over the past few years. However, since there is a gigantic variety in terms of size, color, design, style etc when it comes to bamboo kitchen cabinets, you may end up being baffled while choosing one which is going to be suitable for your kitchen and will go perfectly well with the rest of the kitchen appliances.

Moreover, you must also take a good look at your budget as well before determining the requirements that you need such cabinets to fulfill. To put it simply, there are a number of things, which are to be taken under consideration before choosing the bamboo kitchen cabinets style ideas.


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Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchens – Benefits of good weather are numerous. Beside the fact you can enjoy the fresh air all day long, without having to worry about the cold or rain, you can transfer the some features of the house into the outdoor. The housewives especially appreciate cooking outdoors. That way they do not heat the interior space and, above all, you do not have that feeling that you spent all day in the kitchen.

Just one look at the garden, the countryside, the plants, the dear people around you, will put you in a good mood. Cooking outdoors can boost your imagination and inspire you to create some new delicious dishes. To have all the comfort desired you have to create a small summer kitchen. It may be part of an appendix building or may be located under a canopy. Your summer outdoor kitchen can be attached to the house, or quite independant in the yard.

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Eco-Friendly Kitchen Design – Green Kitchen Cabinets

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Design – Green kitchen cabinets made from eco-friendly bamboo are increasing in popularity around the globe. This material is from a highly sustainable resource. While homeowners should be aware that bamboo is in fact a grass and not a wood, it is surprisingly strong and durable and can last for many years. Bamboo will grow and mature in only seven years, compared to a tree which will take considerably longer.

Bamboo is available as a natural or scotch option, this means it comes in its natural light wood color or a darker color, depending on your overall design and preference. This is a highly durable material, so when you choose green kitchen cabinets, you know they will last for many years.

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Traditionally Styled Kitchen Ideas

As the center of daily life, the kitchen should be designed around its users. Of course, its functional purpose has to be a priority, but in a room with multiple uses, there’s much more to consider than the ‘kitchen triangle’ of food storage, preparation and cooking. The kitchen is a social space where family and friends get together over a meal or a drink. For many it’s an extension of the living room – a place for the kids to finish their homework with a cosy corner where you can watch TV.

And while a dining area is important to most people, that could mean anything from a vintage refectory table to a streamlined breakfast bar. The secret is to create a clever space which works around your lifestyle.

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