Interior Design Tips

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Choose The Olive Green Color For Your Interior

Choose The Olive Green Color For Your Interior – Stylized, elegant shades of neutral colors are very trendy and widely used for walls and home decor. It may surprise, but green also can be neutral, balanced and stylish. We are not talking about dark green tones, that we remember from public buildings back in 1980s, such are schools and hospitals. New neutral green, especially olive green, is the color full of freshness and can match well with traditional or contemporary furniture.

The green color was always attractive because it symbolizes the nature, and green spaces creates better, calming mood in the households or work spaces. It is the color of positive energy. You can’t make a mistake choosing the natural green for your interior.

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What Lights To Choose For Your Home?

What Lights To Choose For Your Home? One of the most important aspects of having a beautiful home is about having the best lighting to compliment the great interiors you have. Most people spend most of their budget on the interiors of their home and miss out on the lighting needs that are a must. With the right lighting, you would have brilliant looking homes that would make your home look dazzling to say the least.

So, how do you go about choosing the right lights for your home? Here is a quick guide that will give you a complete idea on what lights to choose for your home.

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How To Paint A Small Room?

How To Paint A Small Room? Before you start painting you need to decide whether you intend your new decorating job to reflect the focal point of your room or whether you prefer it to be a background that brightens up your walls but allows your focus to be caught by pictures and furnishing. It is not always necessary to stick with pastel colors when painting small rooms: you can use a blue with a bold hue or a yellow that is deep and rich. Either of these colors will reflect light and make your room appear larger. Whatever you do, avoid reds and rich purples as these two colors will absorb light rather than reflect it back and your room will feel quite claustrophobic. Another guaranteed way to make your room feel closed in is to paint your ceiling in a dark color: either leave it white, or paint it a paler shade of the color you use for your walls. The best way of all to make your room look larger is to make the most of natural light.

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Antique, Vintage And Retro Furniture: What Do The Terms Really Mean?

Antique, Vintage And Retro Furniture – The term ‘antique’ will often be used to describe furniture that is quite old, possibly somewhat broken and with bits missing, stained and/or cracked. But apparently it is antique, so this means that with a bit of restoration the piece will scrub up to become a charming bit of furniture with a rich history – at least that’s what the seller wants you to believe.

Perhaps they will find a buyer who, out of some misguided sentimentality and a moment of weakness, goes ahead and purchases it. The seller is usually ecstatic to be rid of it, and it will probably move from one garage to another.

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Antique Picture Frames In Contemporary Interior Design

Antique Picture Frames In Contemporary Interior Design – A very pleasant fact about antique picture frames is that they have so many different uses. When well chosen, they can be used for all kinds of imagery, from the staid to the startling, and fit in with all kinds of interior decoration schemes.

Though the use of antique frames for dignified and formal pictures is fairly obvious – they are practically designed for traditional style portraits and for presenting photographic records of memorable, serious events like award presentations or weddings – they can also fit in as an intriguing contrast to more contemporary imagery. Everything from modern photography to modern art can sometimes look good when paired with one of these frames.



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