“Global Nomad”: Interior Design Trend 2018

“Global Nomad”: Interior Design Trend 2018 – ‘Global nomad’ – a meeting of tribal and traveler – will set the new direction in colors and materials: it means a lot of leather, feathers, baskets, worn timbers, recycled home accessories, earthy colors and textures, all in that soft monochromatic setting. Industrial elements such as concrete and metal are part of the global nomad toolkit, offering a contemporary, urban contrast to the more rustic features.

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Upgrade Your Home in 2017

Upgrade Your Home in 2017 – Trying to come up with ideas for your home upgrading in 2017? Thankfully, you don’t need a large budget to have interior, exterior and outdoor remodeling competed by a contractor. The following are some ideas we expect homeowners to implement in this year.

Update the doors and windows in your home

This can be done for decorative or energy efficiency purposes. If you have an older home, new exterior doors and windows can make a big difference for your curb appeal.

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Living Room Designs 2017

Living Room Designs 2017 – Living room designs 2017 consist of several key elements that include furniture, walls texture or design, lighting, TV/audio system placement, curtains and rugs usage and more. Choosing an appropriate color combination for living room is not an easy job as interior designer needs to complement color with other areas of the house.

Minimalism in living room designs is becoming increasingly popular. The minimalist style helps to make living room more elegant, without over-filling it with furniture and accessories. Using the basic criteria of minimalist living room, you can create a very pleasant and beautiful home environment.

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The Latest Trends In Upholstery Fabrics

The Latest Trends In Upholstery Fabrics – Upholstery can be characterized as a special segment section of the furnishing area. In order to get the latest trends in upholstery fabrics, you can consider the availability of such masterpieces online. The main work of this upholstery segment is to deal with supplying several kinds of fabrics, which are well adorned with springs, cushioning, fabric, webbing and other forms of leather coverings. The word upholstery is derived from the word ‘upholder’, which is a middle English word. This term exclusively mentions the tradesman, who is obliged to hold up assorted products.

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Newest Trends In Color And Interior Design

As the fashion world starts to look ahead to spring, they release their predictions and pronouncements for the interior design trends of this year. 2014 will prove to be fast moving light-hearted and fun if these newly announced interior trends have anything to do with it.

What color are your walls? If they’re beige, grey or white, this may be a good time to update your wall color. Rich, deeply saturated colors like navy and plum are the new look. In fact some designers consider navy the new ‘neutral’. If having a navy wall or room makes you a little uncomfortable, start with one piece of furniture or a few fabric accents. If you have beige walls and a white sofa consider how rich plum colored pillows and a throw rug might give that room a nice color ‘pop’.

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