Brand New Carpet Trends

Brand New Carpet Trends –  If you’re looking for design inspiration, start with one of these four gorgeous new trends.

Going for the natural

Priority is on handmade pieces made from precious, natural materials – the most popular are the hand-weaved and the tribal rugs. Muted whites, taupes and modern copper tonality are big news this season. The clean, classic color palette is complemented by furnishings, draperies and accent pieces in neutral colors with metallic accents. Rose golds and muted silvers are particularly popular.

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Ombré Style Home Trend 2015

Ombré Style Home Trend 2015 – The ombré color trend 2015 is emerging stronger in interior design. Likewise, wallpaper is back in a big way. Fabrics and wallpapers have been created in the ombré style and interior designers and do-it-yourselves are embracing the ombré effect in paint.

The term ‘ombré’ is used to define a technique to add a gradual color to, from light to dark. The beauty and flexibility of this art form is both in the application as well as in the final outcome, in such that it is a perfectly imperfect art form. There is no right or wrong way to ombré as long as the final result is that of gradual shading.

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