All About Chinese Decorating

Chinese design shuns away from clutter in favor of accenting the living space with carefully chosen pieces, each adding its own specific value. With that said, however, Chinese decorating is often much more lavish than what you will find in the minimalist Japanese design.

With its perfectly balanced yet complex beauty, is typically made up of vibrantly colored patterns and textured objects set against darkly wooded furniture. Ivory carved figurines, porcelain vases, lacquered fixtures, bamboo, scenic tapestry and wall hangings, all serve to set a mystic and harmonious environment.

With its design traditions dating back to ancient times, it is easy to see why the Chinese decorating style has continued to increase in popularity, reaching into all quadrants of the world today.

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Make Overnight Guests Comfortable

Spring marks the beginning of the season to travel and no doubt guests will be visiting your house at some point from Spring through Summer.

To make your guests feel at home,  the key is a little hospitality, a welcoming persona, and if you want, a few extra touches here and there to make your guests feel special. Here are our tips for being the perfect host for your overnight guests.

General Tips for Hosting Overnight Guests
Tidy up the house. Thoroughly clean the house or use this as your motivation to get everything in tip-top shape and off your to-do list. This can include getting rid of clutter, small house repairs, or that small redecorating project you’ve been putting off.
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