Vintage Enamelware In Your Home

Vintage Enamelware In Your Home – Enamelware is a trip down memory lane. White jugs with blue trim and laundry tubs with red trim all bring us back to a simpler time. It’s a part of the farmhouse country look.

Vintage items made of enamelware include ladles, coffeepots, jugs, strainers, jelly moulds, measuring jugs, bread tins, sauce pans, laundry tubs, chamber pots, garbage cans, canisters and trays. There is also a large supply of reproductions of these items available. Look for reproduction laundry tins, canisters and bread tins from major retailers.

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Creative Ways To Use The Rope In Home Decorating

Creative ways to use the rope in home decorating – A new craft trend across the Internet and magazines is to use rope, both indoors and for garden design, as a substitute for traditional materials and as a way to use natural materials in home decor. Rope is being used as staircase railings, for fences, and to hang pictures, as well as many more creative ways to use rope in home decorating.

The beauty of using natural rope in the home decorating is enormous. And if you live at the coast you will have even more rope options to choose from. For example, the natural rope for decorating furniture adds rustic charm to your room.

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