How To Decorate A Modern Home Office?

How To Decorate A Modern Home Office? A home office might not get a lot of non-work related use but just because you have to work in there doesn’t’ mean it can’t have great style! Here are some modern home office decorating ideas that will give your room beautiful modern style.

The first thing you need to consider is the color palette and there’s nothing worse than a bland office. Choose a modern color palette such as black, tan and white colors as your color scheme. If you want something more colorful pick one bright color like red or orange that you can use for accents to really make the room pop.

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Mud Room Features You’ll Love

With the housing market still limping back from the brink, most people are continuing to renovate and improve their existing homes rather than purchase new ones. This means re-purposing old space to suit new needs, and adding on rooms to accommodate growing families. According to a 2012 American Institute of Architects (AIA) Home Design Trends Survey, one room that is increasing in popularity is the so-called “mud room.”

Mud rooms come in many forms, but they usually have a few main features in common with a living room. One, they always connect directly to the outside, and two, they always feature designs that maximize storage space. There’s virtually no limit to what one can do with a mud room, but the best ones are well-planned, well-designed and well-thought out.

If you’re thinking of adding a mud room to your house or turning an existing space into a mud room, here are a few ideas that you and your family will love.

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Lady Gaga’s Hollywood Home

Lady Gaga is currently the most dominating and powerful pop singers in the music industry. So it is not surprising that Lady Gaga recently moved to a $5.1 million Hollywood home. Lady Gaga’s Hollywood home is a six bedroom house with all the modern facilities including suspend pools.

Although all the Hollywood houses have extremely beautiful, expensive and has a theme from different culture and an amazing interior design, Lady Gaga’s Hollywood home are not different. Pop queen Lady Gaga’s Hollywood home is a mixture of everything luxury items and technology and also the culture from contemporary to Mediterranean.

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Modern Closets by Poliform Design

Poliform is currently a leading player on the international contemporary furniture scene. Luxury Italian furniture maker Poliform has become a go-to brand for architects and builders looking to install sleek, ultramodern closets. Beds, sofas, kitchens, libraries, what ever might be the wanted furniture, the society provides varied solutions and specifically adapted to your home. Among these offers, the custom walking closets caught our attention. Opened or closed wardrobes, shelves, drawers, racks, boxes, create your own room according to your wishes, maximizing the spatial profit and avoiding the blind hooks. If, for your partner’s despair, you spend your time running form one store to another or if you contemplate your fineries as others do in front of a Van Gogh’s painting, theses complements to your sleeping room are made for you.

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The Yohen Tsurude Teapot

This beautiful teapot was hand crafted by Ito Seiji in Tokoname, Japan. The Yohen (natural ash glaze technique) leaves a rustic and natural, “Of the earth” impression which is accented by its naturally dried ivy vine handle. The meticulous workmanship of the hand-made Sasame (clay mesh filter screen) is evident with its very tiny filter holes which make this teapot a functional work of art.

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JLo’s California Home With A Stylish Glow

At Jennifer’s California residence more serene glamour prevails. In the foyer, a dramatically sweeping staircase greets visitors. Beneath, a lunette sofa graciously invites them to stay. A white lacquered piano makes a striking statement in the living room, but it’s the ethereal blue-grays, velvet sheens and shimmering silvers that truly captivate. In the pale mauvedining room and pastel peach guest bedroom, crystal and blown-glass chandeliers gleam like pieces of jewelry.

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