Geometric Patterns Will Be Hot In 2018!

Geometric patterns will be hot in 2018! Geometric patterns and motifs rule today’s world of interior design. When combined with different geometric and other elements of home decor, such as floral patterns, they look unique in the best way. Geometric trend fits in Scandinavian, modern and minimalist styles perfectly. However, it can also be applied in more traditional interiors and look equally beautiful, but also surprising. Geometry does not necessarily imply symmetry, but symmetry can be a part of geometric motifs around the home.

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Grey Color: Top Interior Trend 2015

Grey Color: Top Interior Trend 2015 – Grey is the new neutral, top interior trend 2015 and the color of choice for room makeover. It’s the perfect background color against which to present almost every shade of the rainbow, and works a treat with another of this season’s hot trends – citrus bright accents in furniture and accessories. Go for grey color interior trend if you love neutrals but need an update from all things taupe.

Decorating with grey color is anything but drab. Here’s how to make it work in your home:

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