Swedish Cottage Style

Swedish Cottage Style – Suppose you lived in a place where the climate was cold and overcast most of the year. Wouldn’t you want to cheer up you home with light? That’s exactly what Swedish cottage style intends to do for your living space!

Swedish style became very fashionable in America in the mid-1800s, when many Scandinavians immigrated to the United States. Ironically, many of them settled in the Upper Midwest, where the climate came closest to what they knew in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. So naturally in a land of cold gray winters and short days, they reproduced their light, bright, airy decorating style in a new land.

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Downley House Petersfield UK

Downley House is an eco-friendly masterpiece of modern architecture. Contemporary residence is designed in 2012 by Birds Portchmouth Russum Architects situated in Petersfield, United Kingdom. The design is within the style of English nation homes having fun with an unfolding sequence of areas and views and composed of straightforward geometric types nestling inside the panorama. It commences on the round arrival courtroom, extends by way of an oak pergola via the internal backyard courtroom, by which the break stands as a romantic verdant folly, to the cylindrical entrance corridor. The inner circulation flows from the doorway corridor and visitor wing stair alongside the doorway façade and throughout the ‘Foudre’ eating corridor to attach with an extra staircase. This results in the roof backyard which enjoys a panoramic view of the valley and bridges to the hillside to finish the promenade into the panorama.


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Interior Brick Walls Give An Unique Look To Your Home

Interior Brick Walls Give An Unique Look To Your Home – There are many things you can do to create a look that is warm and appealing, and brick walls are one of them. Consider that brick walls won’t tear or get holes in them as sheet rock can. Imagine how durable they are. Decorating is easy, and your home will have a unique, beautiful look that all of your friends will envy.

Create any look from modern to rustic

Not only is brick sturdy and durable, it’s also fire proof, which is why many people like to use it on the interior of their homes. Left their natural colors, bricks in brown and red shades add a rustic touch to the decor.

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Identify Your Home Style

Identify Your Home Style – We always dream of owning a house or even a simple space. When we were still kids, we hope to get our own room. It makes us feel grown up. We appreciated the benefits of having an area exclusively for us. This gives privacy and an escape when we feel like being alone.

However, when we get the space we want, we do not achieve the look we desire. Of course, we all dream it to be cozy and comfortable. However, it is difficult to be specific about it. This is because of various reasons. One is that we feel incapable of having our own design. We also fear change and commitment to a color or design trends.

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Create A Futuristic Look With Spiral Stairs

Create A Futuristic Look With Spiral Stairs – Home improvement can be as simple or complex as you would like it to be. If you are thinking of making minor changes, then simple redecorations such a changing the colors of a room would suffice, however, sometimes we a more impressive home improvement is required, something that will really add to the beauty and functionality of the home.

The new staircase could instantly enhance the value of your home. The staircase is one of the first things people see when they enter your house and that new customized staircase can change the overall appearance of your home and increase its value. It is all about the stair parts; if you go for quality then your home will definitely enjoy a higher appraisal.

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Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandinavian Interior Design – Scandinavian decorating style is a mix of classic and modern style, and its main feature is functionality and minimalism. The first thing we think of when it comes to the Scandinavian countries are long, dark and cold winters, short days and lack of daylight. Scandinavian interior decoration style was created for practical reasons, first of all for the need to bring the heat and daylight in the home.

The main features of Scandinavian interiors are bright colors, natural materials, functionality and flexibility. The room is cozy and warm, spacious and airy, which is contrary to the climate that prevails in these countries.

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