Adding A Family Room Addition To Your Home

Adding A Family Room Addition To Your Home – As families expand, so do their spatial needs. Suddenly a house that seemed adequately sized for two or three may feel tight when the family increases in size. If a home already has enough bedrooms, a family room addition is often a useful addition to increase the amount of space in a home and increase the functionality.

Where an addition is placed on a house will vary depending on the layout of the home and actual site conditions. If there is space on the site that allows for a family room addition on the main level, try to look for a location near the kitchen. If there is no space on the site, we’ll either look at a location such as in an unfinished basement, or consider adding onto a second story.

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Function Of The Wood Closet Organizers

Function Of The Wood Closet Organizers – When our homes are organized it is much easier to function in it. A family living together can accumulate a lot of belongings and when these belongings do not have a specific place where they can be put away the home can become very nonfunctional. Our closets are usually the most nonfunctional part of our homes. Even the most organized house keeper can sometimes have a hard time organizing a closet. Wood closet organizers can help with this problem.

These wonderful systems come in many different types of wood such as oak, pine, maple, and others. For many years people simply had to use the metal and wire closet organizers.

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Make Home Interior Fresh This Spring!

Make Home Interior Fresh This Spring – We need fresh, eye-soothing and lighter stuff for spring and summer. There is a list of easy-to-follow spring home maintenance tips that is similar to complete interior designing of home. It means now you don’t need to go for complete interior designing seasonally what all you need to follow are these tips on home cleaning, re-arranging, re-ordering and maintenance. You can easily keep your dear nest in tip-top shape.

1. Reorganize furniture. This ultimately no-cost designing tip will let you feel this new season. Rearrange the furniture of living room, it will not only give super quick update but also clean up the entire area for better, fresh and fragrance full spring and summer.

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The Best Position For A TV Set

The Best Position For A TV Set – TV sets are not so small as they used to be. In our homes we have each year bigger and thinner TV screens. If you too plan to have a new TV, stick to simple rules how to choose one that will give you much pleasure in watching your favorite sport game, film or news programs.

Big room, big screen

The first rule is about the size of TV screen. The measure of the screen diagonal should be 1/3 of the distance between TV set and the sofa. For example, 54 cm TV screen is suitable for the room where the distance from the place you sitting to the TV set is 162 cm. 72 cm screen needs a bigger room, and the distance should be 216 cm.

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Small Space Living Ideas

Small Space Living Ideas – As cities become more populated, living spaces are shrinking. Small-space living has been the norm in mega-cities like New York and L.A. for decades. However, now smaller cities are starting to feel the space-crunch. City councils across North America are making urban density a part of their future plans for growth. With those urban plans come more compact homes and a need for city dwellers to get more creative with their living spaces. Here are four of the most popular small space living ideas that help make the most of compact homes:

1. Dual-function rooms. No longer do city residents have the luxury of having an entire room devoted to a single purpose. Instead, rooms like the living room, kitchen, and spare bedroom must pull double and even triple duty, serving multiple purposes.

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Freshen Up Your Home With Dried Lavender

Freshen Up Your Home With Dried Lavender – The dried flowers of the scented lavender can be used in multiple ways around the home to keep it naturally scented and fresh. Beside the clean, sweet-sharp and slightly old-fashioned scent of lavender, all those toxic artificial things seem pretty pathetic.

Dried lavender and the scent of lavender have long been associated with linen cupboards and laundry. This is because lavender contains a natural insect repellent which helps to keep moths and other unwanted lodgers at bay, such as ants and silverfish (and probably cockroaches, at least to some extent). Lavender smells much nicer on clothes than mothballs by a long chalk. It may also be used in the vacuum cleaner to prevent the bad smell of dust when doing the domestic cleaning.

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