Computer Desk For Your Home Office

Computer Desk For Your Home Office – With computer usage so high in this age, we are seeing a need for appropriately designed modern furniture that best suits the needs and style of your home office. With so many options to choose from, it could be a difficult question to answer. This article details the different types of computer desks, and factors to consider when purchasing one. After reading this article, making your decision as to which desk to purchase should be a simple and fun experience. Continue Reading

Home Office Design For Higher Performance Results

Home Office Design For Higher Performance Results – A lot of busy, successful and on-the-go people have figured out the benefits of a wisely designed home office. Whether you’re a busy professional or the CEO of Home, a high performance – high pleasure home office makes work feel, flow and function more easily.

By the year 2016, it’s expected that by 64 million people will work from home. That’s a lot of people. Global Workplace Analytics reports an 80% increase in telecommuting between 2005 and 2012. There are a lot more home offices being used, but are they leading to better work-life balance or enhanced satisfaction and productivity at work?

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Shelving In A Home Office

Shelving In A Home Office – Shelving is one of the best ways you can provide your home office with some great storage. More and more people are working from home in this day and age, but often there is only a small amount of space available for a separate office in the home. That is where shelving really comes into its own. Because shelving can be of any length or width, it is possible to have shelves from the floor right to the ceiling. This really maximizes the space available allowing equipment, files, books, pot plants or a printer or two to be stored easily.

With shelving you can really help change the look of the home office too. The style of shelves you purchase can give it a truly contemporary or modern look if a metal or minimalist design is chosen.

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