Feng Shui: Home Decoration In The Year Of The Goat

Feng Shui advices for 2015: Home decoration in the year of the Goat – The goat in Chinese zodiac represent home and family. In the same time, it is a symbol of purity,art and beauty, so Feng Shui teachers recommend to keep your house immaculately clean this year.

Start with the entrance door. Make the lightning stronger, paint the walls in brighter colors and buy a new doormat – it will bring the good vibrations to your home.

Clean the home from negative energy using orange peel.

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Large Wall Clock As Beautiful Room Decoration

Large wall clocks can be found in many different styles from sleek modern styles to rustic country designs. Choices include clocks made from metal and modern materials as well as varied wooden clock housings. Personal preference and room design will dictate whichever is chosen. If the room is filled with modern furniture or includes an industrial feel clocks can be chosen made from metal highlighted with color and intricate details in the clock face.

Large wall clocks are great investment and it can be looked for in the long term. These large wall clocks are a personal thing that comes to your home. But, in reality large wall clocks are highly fashionable and often placed in contemporarily decorated rooms.

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