Contemporary Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom is a private oasis of relaxation and solitude. So when it comes to the bathroom decoration, taste can be very personal. It is quite easy to make your bathroom look pretty and nice.

First work on simple things such as introduce some colors and style by putting in fresh flowers, collection of pictures or a sparkling new mirror with a stylish frame. Bathroom accessory sets can contain coordinating pieces like soap dishes, toothbrush holders, trash cans, shower curtains and more.

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“Who Tall Are You” Mirror

There are many celebrities out there that we would all like to come face to face to at some point in our lives – Johnny Depp, Kate Moss, Jennifer Aniston or the Hoff for example – but if we were to meet them would we actually come face to face?  Or would we be looking down onto their bonce?  Or staring skywards right up their nose?

Well now you can stop speculating and start comparing with the Suck UK Who Tall Are You Mirror.  Including various celebrities, poets, singers and actors, the Who Tall Are You Mirror covers everyone from shorties such as Brenda Lee & Danny DeVito all the way up to the heady heights of Hulk Hogan and Peter Crouch.
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Fish Home Radiator

Trash the old home radiator that you have been trying to casually (yet unsuccessfully) conceal and check out the cool Fish radiator by Giancarlo Zema. And unlike its predecessors, this home radiator is sure to get lots of attention for all the right reasons! Create a sculptural, fashionable and functional focal point in your home in one fell swoop. This cool radiator features abstract fish which take shape in warm waves and line up in a row of hot colors like pink, red, green and blue. Put some life into your decor with these funky, fun Fish radiators.

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Decorative Wood Panels for Walls

These decorative wood panels for walls give your space an earthy, natural look but with contemporary flair. The Split (Cleft) panels by Klaus Wangen would be right at home in a living or dining room, in the front foyer or in the home theater (these wood panels will naturally change the acoustics in the room). Available in different finishes and designs, it is the wood’s inherent characteristics that make these wall panels so unique. Because they are made of split solid wood, they have a wonderfully rustic look that embraces every grain, every knot, every imperfection. Choose from oak, ash or beech, with an intricate process of being oiled, waxed, and in its natural state or glazed. Continue Reading