How To Use Accessories In Home Decorating?

A sense of style is always much personalized and people will generally try to stylize their homes according to their own perception of what is considered stylish. Yet, there are a few guidelines which can be followed while purchasing and placing accessories in a home.

Choose a theme

If the home has furniture that is reflective of days gone by, then the accessories should also have a touch of an earlier era or have a vintage feel to it – accessorize in line with your main furniture items. In a room where the furniture has straight and simple lines, choose modern lamps. In a room where the furniture is carved or has a heavier look and feel, choose Turkish and Indian carpets.

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Bamboo Wall Slats Are Beautiful Home Decor

Bamboo wall slats add style and sophistication to rooms and business spaces. Created from shoots of bamboo, the popular material enhances the appearance of a home or restaurant by giving it a warm, earthy feel. Inexpensive to purchase and easy to install, bamboo wall slats come in several different finishes and can be matched up to the furniture that you already have in your living and dining rooms. They can be cut to size and installed in one afternoon with a minimal amount of tools. Simply use screws or a nail gun to secure bamboo wall slats into place. Their pre-drilled holes makes installation a snap.

Bamboo wall slats can be used virtually everywhere. Your pool house or tiki bar will never be the same. Create a functional and charming place for you to entertain guests.

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Make Your Own Wall Clock

Make Your Own Wall Clock – How to make an interesting wall clock? Here are few ideas – you just have to choose your favorite design and have a fun. No matter if you need a wall clock for children’s room, bedroom or sitting room, make you own design and have a fun making it. All ideas that we will give you are very simple and easy to make. Each of them have one thing in common – the only thing you need is the mechanism taken out from some old clock, all the rest are details that you can customize.

1. Perfect minimalism
The minimalistic interior can be decorated with simple clock with very subtle clock hands. Set up only important numbers (usually 3, 6, 9 and 12) and the others mark with dots, dashes or similar. Design and material can vary as you wish (wood, metal…)

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Decorating With Candy

Decorating With Candy – Are you a candy lover? Why not express your love of candy by creating whimsical home decor out of sweet treats? Candy is inexpensive to purchase and can add an eclectic touch to almost any room in your house. Some of the best candies for creating home decor are hard candies in different colors, but you don’t have to stop there. Candy hearts, candy canes, wrapped miniature chocolate bars, and lollipops can be used to craft decorative home apparel. Here are some unique ideas for decorating with candies.

1. Making a layered candy vases . Acquire some clear vases from the nearest craft store. Have some colorful hard candies from your favorite candy store.

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How To Make Christmas Tree Baubles?

How To Make Christmas Tree Baubles? Do you have old or simple unattractive Christmas tree baubles? You can refresh their look with a little of effort and skill. All you need are scissors, glue, ribbons, little ornaments, glittering beads and metallic spray paints.

Re-design by embellishments

Simple, smooth baubles you can decorate with decorative, glittering ribbons in various colors, in one color or with different patterns.

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Modern Look Of The Toilet Seats

Modern Look Of The Toilet Seats – Prior to the use of plastic for household goods it was wood or nothing, though you most likely had a choice of wood but of course the more attractive woods like mahogany were expensive.

With the advent of plastic seats there came a new generation of smooth and shiny seats, usually black in color. They were regarded by many as more hygienic than wood, certainly they were easier to clean, and the eliminated the danger of splinters where you least expected them. It wasn’t long before you had the choice of a white toilet seat which a lot of people obviously preferred, believing that it looked more aesthetically pleasing and possibly ‘cleaner’ if you like.

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