Home Improvements For Holiday Guests

Home Improvements For Holiday Guests – The holidays are a favorite time of year. During the month between Thanksgiving and New Years Eve, there are countless family gatherings and social events to celebrate the joys that the past year has brought.

From office parties to small, intimate family dinners, the holidays are a time for taking a moment to reflect, give thanks, and enjoy one’s friends and family. While they thus undoubtedly represent a wonderful time of year for most people, they are also usually accompanied by some degree of stress, particularly for those given the responsibility of hosting one or more of the gatherings.

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Casa Sanchia In South Africa

Casa Sanchia is beautiful beach house located in Dwarskersbos in the Western Cape province of South Africa. Casa Sanchia is designed by architect Marco Bezzoli (Archilab). The simplicity of the décor and architecture as well as the large sea facing decks, rimflow pool and 3 ensuite bedrooms offer amazing shooting possibilities. The accommodation is generous but simple: an open-plan living area comprising lounge and kitchen occupies most of the ground floor, which is shared by the master-bedroom suite.

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Ceramic Pottery – Winter Touch In Your Kitchen

Some would say winter has truly arrived. It is always nice to add a cosy winter touch to the home and many would say a good way to do this is through the kitchen. Ceramic pottery is always a good add on to the home, practical and beautiful.

The best handmade and hand painted or decorated household ceramics are most probably from France, the Provence, to be precise. A perfect piece of crockery for the evenings this winter could be the traditional ovenproof dish. From the orignial beef stew to the more exotic Indian cuisine of curry, both cooked in a casserole dish will thoroughly warm you up after a long, chilly day. The warm colours of the pottery also elegantly add a brighter feel to the home on those dark and dull evenings.

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