Touch Up Your Hallway!

Often when decorating a home, the hallway is neglected. While not officially a room, there is likely more than one hallway in your home that is seen by every visitor that walks through your door. For that reason, decorating the hallway should take on the same importance as decorating the rest of your home. Below are the tips to help you touch up your hallway.


Decorative mirrors are a great choice for your hallways. Since most hallways are rather narrow, hanging a mirror helps them appear a bit larger. Also, the light issue discussed above can be helped by mirrors as they will reflect and disperse light throughout the space.

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Country Style Hallway Design

Country Style Hallway Design – Country style at its heart is an open, comforting, natural look. Vintage pieces and natural materials evoke images of life out where there is more land than people. English country style features neutral and pastel colors, in combination with the bare wood.

Hallways by nature are transitions. They serve to link together the various rooms of a house and are usually given only a passing thought. With hallway decorating less is more, but function and fashion can go hand in hand to achieve a comfortable inviting look.


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