Green Living With Interior Design

Green Living With Interior Design – Green living is from the heightened consciousness in people wanting to find newer ways they can contribute to saving the planet and leave fewer carbon footprints while they decorate their homes. There are some easy ways in which you too can join in saving the environment by creating an environmentally-friendly living space.

Choosing furniture can be easy when you shop second hand. Buying gently used furniture will save you money and reduce the need to deplete the natural resources. When searching for your used furniture you want to avoid furniture that is made from toxic materials. Buy furniture that is made from natural materials like renewable wood, latex foam, or wool batting.

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Green Living In Tiny Houses

Green Living In Tiny Houses – Living small is living green. If you are living in less square feet, your energy needs will automatically go down. Over half a million air conditioning units are needed to sustain the 2,598 square units of houses. Reduce the square footage per house and the air conditioners that are needed will drastically reduce which will have a positive impact on the utility bills. Tiny houses have a smaller carbon footprint which is what we need to be vouching for if we intend to save this planet from the looming decline. Most city dwellers are crippled by huge debts thanks to the mortgages they have on their homes. A house that would typically cost $290,000 if paid for in a single payment will eventually cost over a million if paid out using the hire purchase model that mortgages are based on.

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Modern Treehouses By Baumraum

Modern Treehouses By Baumraum – Treehouse is a fantastic place for enjoying a summer with your family. Living in treehouse is not only a matter of bringing a difference in your lifestyle but also takes you away from the chorus of day-today life, thereby burning your stress and making you feel much more relieved.

Baumraum is a German company that designs and builds some of the most amazing contemporary treehouses. Baumraum designs constructions for natural and urban surroundings where you can unwind and let your imagination run free. Most of their sustainable projects are in Germany, but they’ve also completed treehouses in Austria, Hungary, Italy, Brazil and the US.

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Sustainable Window Treatments Ideas

Sustainable Window Treatments Ideas – You can do many things to make your home more environmentally friendly. Buying green and sustainable window treatments is a good place to start. Sustainable window treatments help the environment and save you money by making your home more energy efficient. Heat is typically lost through your windows, so using insulated window treatments drastically reduces heat transfer.

Insulated Roman Shades

An insulated Roman shade should have three layers to work effectively – a face, an interlining and a back lining. Roman shades do not filter natural light from the window.

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