Feng Shui Tips For The Home Entrance

Feng Shui Tips For The Home Entrance – A positive feng shui home is said to bring good energy into your home that can result in the positive flow of money, health and love. Creating a home with positive feng shui can be achieved with just a few environmental changes. By implementing the below basic steps you can create more harmony in your home.

Feng shui tips for the front door. The front door is a great place to start and is highly regarded as one of the key indicators to a happy feng shui home. Basically, you want a clear path to your front door to allow the energy (chi) free access to your home.

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Feng Shui In Your Bedroom

We spend a big part of our life sleeping, so it is very important to have good feng shui for our bedroom. Believe it or not, your bedroom has an impact on the way you sleep and this is a significant factor in staying healthy, happy and accumulating wealth. We must make sure that our bedroom is a safe haven to prevent distracting and powerful chi from disturbing you. Here are 10 feng shui tips for your bedroom:

1. Ceiling beams in a bedroom is a big ‘no no’ for feng shui purpose as they disturb the flow of ch’i. They should be avoided in all the rooms but especially the bedroom. What will happen? They block the flow for energy to circulate and also cause financial problems.

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