Vastu Tips For Apartment: How To Make Dream Home

If you are planning to construct your own flat which is full of happiness, prosperity and wealth then plan it according Vaastu Shastra Remedies. It helps you to make your dream flat that provides comfort, ease and prevent illness or other dangers from creeping into your relationships or life. Here we brings some very important guidelines that you should kept in mind while planning the architecture or design of a flat and make your life happy and prosperous.

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Kitchen & Feng Shui Tips

Kitchen is the most important part of a home where the food is prepared and the source of energy for the whole house. Here we prepare our food and in many cases also host the mealtimes. They say a dish made with confidence and dedication will always be delicious, will energize us and help preserve our health, this is reflected in an orderly and prosperous life. Furthermore, it is the long history of symbolizing good health, wealth and abundance. The food you prepare and store there supplies nutrition and sustenance, providing the vitality that enables you to prosper in the world.

It is the place where its central function in a family’s life is acknowledged. In other words, it is a place where we make emotional connections. Therefore, it is necessary, to our kitchen in that that makes your life easier while sending a message of prosperity and health.

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Feng Shui Paintings Decoration

Feng Shui paintings include different aspects which reveal some special meanings like animal painting and symbolic paintings to name a few. These paintings can be positioned at various locations inside a home, as they help to achieve balance between the five elements. Most of the Feng Shui paintings include dragon as the animal which represents good luck. Similarly, these paintings also incorporate cranes representing longevity, frog with a golden coin its mouth revealing prosperity in business and even turtle for enhancing opulence. These paintings use different colors in order to characterize things like gold and red for symbolizing wealth and orange and peach for long life to name a few.

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Feng Shui Indoor Plants

Caring for house plants does not require a green thumb. In the practice of Feng Shui its purpose is to generate good chi. Indoor house plants are great for purifying air and bring fresh new chi into the home environment.

Houseplants are great for clearing the blocked and stagnant energies in the home. However, an unkempt house plant can stagnant the energies in the home and produce negative chi if the indoor house plant is not cared for adequately.

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Cubicle Feng Shui

Applied to a regular work cubicle, feng shui design could bring a positive switch into your life: there may be a better salary, a healthier body and a more rewarding personal life.

Such accomplishments may seem far-fetched but they are the sheer and real consequence of the ancient art of energy-drawing space arrangement.

The work surfaces are just as important as windows, entrance and corners for the optimal cubicle feng shui design.
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