Decorative Dolls As Home Decorating

Decorative Dolls As Home Decorating – Since the everyday grind can prove to be rather stressful, some people choose to partake in a hobby. Some may find that fixing old cars tickle their fancy, while others might discover a passion for cooking sweet delights. In the expansive world of possibilities, yet another option is decorating with dolls. It appeals to young and old, and can even be a family affair.

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Collecting Dolls: 20th Century Dolls

Collecting dolls: 20th century dolls – At the beginning of the 20th century dolls began to be made in a variety of new materials, especially celluloid, composition and plastic, but also in fabrics such as stockinet and felt. French and German manufacturers continued to produce dolls and adapted to the new media, especially celluloid. Some manufacturers even brought out new versions of dolls in celluloid made in moulds previously used for bisque dolls.

American composition dolls from the mid-20th century and later tend to be slightly more expensive than their German counterparts. American manufacturers steadily increased in prominence, making dolls in all media.

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Expensive Toys – Bisque Dolls

Bisque dolls, with heads made from unglazed, tinted porcelain, are among the most elaborate and valuable of all collector’s dolls. The finest French bisques, made by leading makers such as Jumeau, Bru, Gaultier and Steiner, were expensive status symbols even when first made, and remained very much the province of pampered children from the most affluent homes.

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