Decorating Your Terrace Space

Decorating Your Terrace Space – A common excuse is that the terrace is just a few square feet, so why bother with it? This sort of attitude deprives you of a very comfortable summer addition to your home. Without going to a lot of trouble or spending a small fortune, you can transform and decorate your terrace into a lovely lounge space where you can soak up the spring and summer sun, enjoy a bit of time outside of the house, and relax of an evening.

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Pillar Candle Arrangements

Pillar Candle Arrangements – Candlelight can be used effectively as one of the most important decorative elements in a room. So, how do you decorate with pillar candles? The possibilities are virtually endless.

One of the most wonderful things about pillar candles is their simplicity. Since they are self-standing, they don’t require fancy holders or other accessories that can get pretty pricy. Arrange varying heights of pillar candles in small groupings to create bold decorative statements or artistic displays very inexpensively. (Always be sure to burn candles on heat-resistant, inflammable surfaces!)

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Decorating With Vintage Carpets

Decorating With Vintage Carpets – Anyone looking to add vintage carpets to an interior space will find they can drastically change the entire look of any room by using one or more rugs. Of course, there are many different styles when it comes to vintage carpets.

This can makes it hard to choose from them for each space. Thankfully, there are some general rules to follow when it comes to the process. Size and placement of the carpet is crucial. Continue Reading

Feng Shui And How To Use Plants Indoor

Feng Shui And How To Use Plants Indoor – Feng shui decorating often makes use of plants to increase the amount of wood chi (also spelled as qi) within a space. Wood chi is the chi that is associated with new beginnings and momentum. But an excess of wood chi might result in high levels of aggression and impatience. Feng shui is all about creating a balanced, pleasing environment so too much wood energy is not a good thing.

It is important to remember that only living plants have wood energy. Once a plant is no longer living it will either have neutral chi or sha chi. There is some controversy about decorating with dried plants.

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Decorate Your Kid’s Room Like A Pro

Decorate Your Kid’s Room Like A Pro – When it comes to decorating, your kid’s bedroom is one of the areas where you can really have fun with interior design ideas and if your child is old enough you can involve him in the design process. Although you may have to water down some their ideas to fit within your budget!

The key to designing a pleasing kid’s room is to plan ahead. In no time at all your baby will become a toddler and then not long after that he will be starting school and soon become a teenager.

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Christmas Dining Room Decor Ideas

Christmas is a time of the year when families up and down the country get together to celebrate the festive season, swap presents and eat fine food. Of course, you want to a have lovely table that is easy to decorate as well as a table that your guest will enjoy. Keeping your dining room table Christmas decorations simple is a great gift to yourself. Your guests will appreciate it as well.

Christmas is the time to enjoy a meal together with your friends and relatives. To make every meal special this Christmas, here are few ideas to decorate the dining table.

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