Top Ideas For The Living Room Décor

Top Ideas For The Living Room Décor – Your living room décor is often a reflection of your aesthetic sense. It makes a statement about your artistic skills. So the question is what are the top trends in this space and how can you decorate in a way that makes heads turn. Well, first and foremost, you have to decide on a theme and plan the rest of the décor as per that. But there are some basic trends that you must follow to bring about the cozy, comfortable feel to your living room. Continue Reading

Home and Garden Decor For Beautifying Living Space

If you wish to make your home beautiful and attractive, home and garden décor is the best option to make it an appealing and relaxing place. Moreover, your garden is the first place you come across before entering the house. Your garden must be beautiful so that it appears lovely, refreshingly, and gives a welcoming feeling to not only you but also anyone that visits you.

Outdoor garden accents are extremely handy if you want to beautify your garden. The garden is an important place in your home where you can spend quality time with your friends and family. Just invest a little of your time, and make your garden a gorgeous piece of your house place.

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Elegant Country Living – Winter By The Fireplace

Winter is the time to come inside from the cold, cozy with a book or even a particularly chilly evening, light a fire in the fireplace. In most homes, the fireplace is the focal point of the main living area. Not only does a fireplace or heat efficient wood burning stove brighten up your living room, but it provides solace, comfort, and refuge from the cold to you and your loved ones. So this month we are taking a look at elegant country living, which is the place many of us would like to be, as the temperature starts to drop.

Get your home ready for holiday parties by decorating the mantel with an elegant winter theme. Try clipping holiday cards from friends and family onto a piece of string and hanging it in front of your mantel with removable hooks. Reuse the apothecary jars that housed seashells in the summer and place a pillar candle in each one. Place fir tree branches along the top of your mantel along with pinecones for a classic winter look.

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Love Gipsy Style!

Gypsy decorating generally includes bohemian, Moroccan, Indian, hippie, vintage or beatnik influence, or some combination of the above. It creates an eclectic or even eccentric atmosphere, while keeping it rich and warm at the same time. Create your own gypsy hideaway with unique items that are ornate, funky and colorful. To pull it off successfully, you will need a good eye for color, a bit of wild abandon, and a taste for eclectic surroundings.

If you are looking to capture the gypsy vibe for your home, apartment, dorm room, or even the back of a van or camper, here are a few gypsy decor tips and pics to give you some ideas. Let your imagination run wild!

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French Country Interior Decorating

French country interior decorating is the most sought after trend in interior designing for home decorating these days.French Country decorating comprises of many elements, with the resulting look being rustic, old world, and inviting. This particular style is ideal for both country houses and elegant old homes, and offers a warm and casual feel.
The colors used in decorating French Country are yellow, soft gold, bright red, rust, dark green, lighter shades of green, cobalt blue, and lighter shades of blue. Black and gray are also used to accentuate these colors and define accessory pieces.

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Elegant White Bedroom Ideas

The bedroom is your place to unwind, relax and do all sorts of private activities. Being the most personal room in the house, it must possess the feeling of ease, solace and cleanliness as well. If you are longing to experience these things, you might, want to consider stuffing your room with white bedroom furniture.

White bedroom furniture can create a heavenly atmosphere. With it, you can reflect your reveries well and think clearly enough because of the clarity of the ambiance. It also creates a warm and relaxing mood that can be compensating enough after coming from a hard day’s work.

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