Curtains In Rich Colors Of Fall Season 2017

Curtains In Rich Colors Of Fall Season 2017 – Fall is an excellent time of year to be inspired by nature’s color palette of rich reds, dusky yellows, burnt oranges and deep hues of greens within interior design concepts and styles. A living room will look welcoming and cozy with curtains, soft furnishings and accessories which reflect these fall season hues and shades.

Pantone Color Institute suggests to use the following color palette for fall 2017: deep orange, marina blue, grenadine red, butterum, flame scarlet, primrose pink, royal lilac, golden olive, and golden lime, navy blue, otter brown, copper and lemon curry.

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How To Match Your Curtains With Upholstery Fabrics?

How To Match Your Curtains With Upholstery Fabrics? When you decide to re-decorate your current home or you are lucky enough to have just moved into a brand new home; you will invariably turn your attention to deciding upon the colors you would like in each room.

Many weekends and evenings will be spent deciding upon a color scheme and you will search for that perfect wallpaper or paint that will compliment each space you have to decorate.

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Choosing Curtains For The Bedroom

Choosing Curtains For The Bedroom – Curtains have many purposes in the home not together from making the room give the impression of being grand. They draw closer in many different styles, types, and insignia giving you more of a choice to choose from.Taking care of a house are something that most people love to do. There are many accessories and different things that you can add to any room in order to give it an additional presence and to help make it look better as well. Curtains are essential for any room and they can have a few different purposes in anyone’s house. They appear in so many different colors, patterns and styles that they will suit anyone’s color format and tastes.

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How To Make Cafe Curtains For Your Home?

Have you ever been to a cafe or bistro that totally feels like home? One of the things that make some food places so uncommon and cozy are the interior decorations. Cafe curtains definitely pop and draws attention because of how they look different from average curtains in your interior design. Contrary to most window treatments, cafe curtains do not cover the entire window; they cover only half. This kind of curtain is excellent for creating privacy of space but still allowing lots of light to shine through.

What’s the best thing about cafe curtains? They are easy to make! The materials are simple and readily found. Plus, there are no fancy sewing skills required. Here is a simple step-by-step guide to DIY cafe curtains:

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Window Treatments – Creating Illusions With Curtains

Planning to make some window treatments design for light of your home interior design? Windows come in all sizes, shapes and construction. You can create illusions using standard curtains or other window dressings available today. For windows treatment long drapes are more formal, short curtains tend to be more casual. You can windows treat using different styles to add to your interior decorating, such as country, with wide tidebacks and ruffles.

Traditionally, windows were treated to three types of curtains : a sash curtain (to filter light), a draw curtain (to block out light), and an over-drapery (which was purely decorative and is now just called a drapery). In very formal rooms (with sufficiently high ceilings), all of this was topped with a cornice or valance (to hide the hardware). This traditional windows treatment carries on today in period or very formal or dressy rooms.

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Home Decorating Tips – All About Curtains

There are only a few simple rules to follow for choosing curtain height or length. The length or height of the hung curtain should be to the floor or the windowsill. Anything in between looks rather odd.

There is a trend today of puddling curtains, this is where they are made longer than the height required and “puddle” on the floor, this requires a skill in fabric selection, so that they sit well. It is used commonly in living rooms and bedrooms. With puddled curtains on a hand drawn track, make sure that the width of the curtain is not excessive as they become heavy and difficult to draw back. They are also prone to picking up all the fluff from your floor, so a little bit more attention is required to keeping them looking smart.

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