Curtains In Rich Colors Of Fall Season 2017

Curtains In Rich Colors Of Fall Season 2017 – Fall is an excellent time of year to be inspired by nature’s color palette of rich reds, dusky yellows, burnt oranges and deep hues of greens within interior design concepts and styles. A living room will look welcoming and cozy with curtains, soft furnishings and accessories which reflect these fall season hues and shades.

Pantone Color Institute suggests to use the following color palette for fall 2017: deep orange, marina blue, grenadine red, butterum, flame scarlet, primrose pink, royal lilac, golden olive, and golden lime, navy blue, otter brown, copper and lemon curry.

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Chenille & Woven Curtain Fabrics

Chenille is a fuzzy yarn with a pile which resembles a caterpillar. Used mainly for decorative fabrics, embroidery, tassels, and rugs. Sometimes used broadly to define a fabric woven from chenille yarns.

Chenille & Woven fabrics are now one of the most popular types of curtain fabrics. In the last couple of years, weaving techniques have improved dramatically and the manufacturers are now using chenille & woven curtain fabrics to fabricate electrifying and innovative curtain designs. Since curtains play an important role in home décor, many would like to experiment with various curtain fabrics to give a new look to the rooms of their home or office.

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