Cottage Decorating Ideas

Cottage Decorating Ideas – Cottage decorating is really quite a bit of fun. Cottages are more fun than homes, and they are usually used as second dwellings or cute little rental properties and thus automatically lend themselves to more creative design features. Naturally, when decorating a cottage, the natural ambiance that surrounds the cottage can be taken into account. A cottage by the beach, for example, can often reflect the natural surrounding with driftwood accents, palm trees, and lots of bright and airy colors.

When decorating a cottage, one basic rule of thumb reigns true. The more simplistic the decorating, the better. Cottages are smaller, usually with smaller rooms than a house, with lower ceilings, and smaller yards.

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Cottage Style Decorating Tips

If you want to successfully furnishing a cottage-style room, there are three keys: white paint, slipcovers and creativity. Cottage inspired décor looks like it has been there for years. Cottage style décor also focuses on light and airy interiors. White paint breathes new life into mismatched, old and discolored furniture and creates a unifying theme that lets all sorts of style blend well into a room. Some furniture on the market today, especially children’s furniture, already comes with white paint, distressed edges and a cottage-inspired design, conveying the popularity of this relatively new style. The result of a few coats of paint is an airy, bright and cheerful mood within the home.

Slipcovers perform the same function for upholstered furniture as paint does for wooden furniture. Worn out flea market finds and hand-me-downs will perk up under a pale (white or cream) slipcover that may or may not have prints that match your braided rugs and accents.

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